...and Insurance
...and Insurance
Mar 17, 2021
Voluntary Benefits, Life, Disability & Beyond w/ Beth E Frederickson
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On this episode we have Beth Fredrickson, an independent reseller of voluntary benefits. Beth runs an insurance agency that specializes in voluntary benefits. She choose Aflac as the face of her business because, the branding and the support of the fortune 500 company has proven to be every level of ethics that she wants to have in her everyday business. "If I make a promise to you as a business owner or a policy holder, I know Aflac will be there to stand behind the promise and commitment that I made to you." So what is voluntary benefits you may ask? So your major medical is designed to pay the doctors, the hospitals, and the providers. But we know in the time that we're living in that people have additional out-of-pocket expense and exposure, should they have a medical event in their household? So the voluntary programs are designed to help meet the financial gap that they may have as far as an exposure. Should they have an injury? Should they have a major diagnosis, like a cancer or critical illness? What many people don't take into consideration is while they're going through their care for recovering, from an event, the major medical may have a copay. It may have a deductible. It may cause them to miss time from work. There may be things like transportation expenses. You can't use that blue cross card to go through the E-ZPass if you're traveling for medical care. People can incur high expenses. Just to give some context, Harvard did a study a few years ago and they found that 60% of the bankruptcies in this country stemmed from a major medical event in the household. 77% of those individuals had an act of major medical plan at the time the event took place. So we know that it may not be enough, and that's why these voluntary programs are so important for people's financial stability.
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