Going Against The Grain
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One of the common themes that we found in designing our best life is that it requires you to go against the grain to maybe buck conventional wisdom and that can be nerve wracking. And so for all of you that feel like you're faced with going against the grain. Well, this episode is for you. Let's go.

Key Points Discussed

00:02:15] And I'll start with just everyone out there has got an agenda that they, other people want you to follow their agenda. And one of the ways that you. Kick that to the curb is turn off those voices. So like, you know, the. One of the things that I read a long time ago when I first started studying personal development, which was the idea of people will turn on the news at the end of the day.

00:06:04] Those days like that. No, that's not how the world works. It's not how the world works anymore. You have no guarantee of employment that you're going to stay with a company that you're even going to get the gold watch. Right. I mean, you know, you were just talking about some people that, you know, that have worked for company for 20, 30 years and all of a sudden, now they're getting laid off budgetary constraints.

[00:12:09] Everyone is zigging. We see everyone is zigging. This is how everyone that you know has been zigging, but it's time for you to zag. I want to just encourage you to lean in to that still small voice. Understand that, that, that internal guidance it's for your benefit and, and to lean into it and to not discount it just because everyone's going in a different direction.

[00:16:26] That's awesome. Be willing to go against the grain. I mean, that's really, I think that's my takeaway for everyone from this episode is we just want to encourage you. We want to empower you. We want you to know that you're not alone. Make sure that you get yourself a great support system. This is why we love the unstoppable influence academy.

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