Creative Slurp
Creative Slurp
Jan 18, 2022
Episode 6: What to do if you feel behind right now...
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If you're feeling the January blues right now more than ever before, don't worry, we've been through a heck of a couple of years...You may just be feeling exhausted. If that's the case, learn to recognise that and take a break.

If you don't feel exhausted, but you still feel stuck, it may be down to overwhelm.

To prevent getting overwhelmed by big projects chunk them down into tiny actions (tasks of no more than half an hour) and schedule them in.

You should also join a supportive community that lifts you up.  Make sure it's a supportive community that helps you feel great and as if you could take on the world - not one that keeps you playing small, or sitting 'in the comfy chair'.

Also, research the different tools you can use to help keep you positive - things like your favourite music, scented candles, motivational quotes on the wall.

Above all else, remember that only you can truly know how you feel.  Learn how to tap into that and honour it, as you are the only you. And if you're the only person running your business, that becomes even more important.  Take time out if you need to and treat yourself with care.

Find out more about wellness tools: Ali Swift and 'My wellness toolbox'

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