Episode 8: 48:1
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The Queen finds herself at odds with her Prime Minister as Margaret Thatcher refuses to join the 48 other Commonwealth nations in backing sanctions on Apartheid South Africa. The Queen and Thatcher come to blows over the issue, and their fallout becomes public knowledge after the story is leaked to the press frominside the palace.

In this episode, Edith Bowman talks with director Julian Jarrold, Head of Research Annie Sulzberger and the actor who plays Margaret Thatcher, Gillian Anderson.

The Crown: The Official Podcast is produced by Netflix and Somethin’ Else, in association with Left Bank Pictures.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Jeanette Songolo
Podcast 52 – Meghan and Harry proven right to have concerns about Social Media.
Last year Meghan and Harry hosted an edition of the TIME100 Talks Series. During their talk Meghan, Harry and several of their guests discussed how harms on social media don’t just live on the platforms, but often extend to shaping behaviours that people then act upon.  This theory has been proven to be correct. We all witnessed on TV this week in Washington the harm that is caused by propaganda messaging posted on social media. One of Meghan and Harry’s guests on their TIME 100 show was Tristan Harris co-founder of the Centre for Humane Technology. This is one of the groups Meghan and Harry have since chosen to work with under their Archewell Foundation.  Following the social unrest that took place at Capitol Hill, Tristan released a press statement saying that the events this week that the whole world witnessed, were the consequences of a broken, yet highly profitable business model, that rewards self-reinforcing cycles of outrage, rumours, and political and racial division.  His organization the Centre for Humane Technology,  https://www.humanetech.com/ is trying to make social media platforms more accountable for the negative effects that they cause in society, be it social unrest, or teenagers feeling increasingly suicidal or depressed due to their social media use.  I took some time this week to watch Tristan's documentary The Social Dilemma. It raises many interesting and somewhat scary points about how much we are manipulated and basically used by social media platforms. In the documentary many techies who used to work for the big tech companies describe exactly how what we view on social media has been manipulated. Many of the people in the film were the techies behind the software used to do so. Interestingly many of them don’t want their kids anywhere near social media. *At the time of their TIME 100 talk Meghan and Harry were derided in the media for calling out social media's "global crisis of hate". Maybe Meghan and Harry can be excused for a little “we told you so” given the tragic events this past week.* Check out my blog at www.kindthoughtsformeghanmarkle.com
5 min
The Big Wedding Planning Podcast
The Big Wedding Planning Podcast
Michelle Martinez & Christy Matthews
#232 Health & Wellness: Making Yourself A Priority
Alright, listen up people! If you are not taking care of yourself, you are NOT going to successfully be able to take care of anything or anyone else in your life. Michelle has known Coach Brien Shamp for a few years now and believes wholeheartedly in his message and mission. We are thrilled to bring this episode to you NOW especially when current events are draining the life out of so many of us. Listen in, learn, implement, and thank us later. ;) Coach Brien Shamp (https://brienshamp.com/) began personal fitness training back in 1991 at the age of 18. He now develops weekly programs for over 1,000 clients and students of all ages (up to 105 years old) and abilities. Brien has been the Strength & Conditioning Specialist for several colleges in the Bay area: College of San Mateo (CSM), University of Notre Dame, Santa Clara University and Menlo College. For six years Brien was an Adapted Physical Education Instructor at Foothill College, where he taught elderly and mentally disabled students to enhance their overall functional capacity through exercise in various settings. Brien is recognized as a Master Trainer by IDEA, and has written hundreds of articles on various health & fitness related topics Big Takeaways Stress reduction is everything. Exercise alone does not have anything to do with losing weight. The 7 Daily Primal Needs 1. Consciously breathe - Slow, deep, rhythmic core breathing 2. Hydrate - Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day - minimum 3. Sleep - quality and quantity. 7-9 hours per night (sleep will help balance your hormones!) 4. Eat - Hight quality foods. Plan & Prepare. Chew. Know your body. 5. Love - Connect with those that fill you up. Server others. Live from the heart, not the mind. 6. Growth - Constant and never-ending improvement and personal development. Get a coach to help you! 7. Movement - 30 minutes per day, mimiimum! When you work out, you ask more of your physiology. Be aware of your posture too. With your in-home/virtual workouts, create a nice environment for yourself. Find joy in your workout space! Brien also encourages his trainees to use a heart rate monitor. Links We Referenced Brienshamp.com (https://brienshamp.com/) Brien is offering discounts to our listenters! Be sure to mention you heard about him on The Big Wedding Planning Podcast when inquiring. $50 off the 21 day program = $300 (normally $350) $30 a week discount off of the 12 week program = $69 a week (normally $99 a week) Quotes “So many symptoms and ailments we have are because of dehydration.” - Brien “It’s very, very important to have constant and never-ending improvement.” - Brien The Big Wedding Planning Podcast is... * Hosted and produced by Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez. * Edited by Veronica Gruba. * Music by Steph Altman of Mophonics. * On Instagram @thebigweddingplanningpodcast and be sure to use #planthatwedding when posting, so you can get our attention! * Inviting you to become part of our Facebook Group! Join us and our amazing members. Just search for The Big Wedding Planning Podcast Community on Facebook. * Easy to get in touch with. Email us at thebigweddingplanningpodcast@gmail.com or Call and leave a message at 415-723-1625 and you might hear your voice on an episode * On Patreon. Become a member and with as little as $5 per month, you get bonuse episodes, special newsletters and Zoom Cocktail Hours with Christy & Michelle! Our Partners (https://www.thebigweddingplanningpodcast.com/partners) Special Deals for Listeners - TBWPP Enthusiastically Approved! Susan's Travel Services (https://susanstravelservices.com/ready-to-book/) FlowerMoxie (https://flowermoxie.com/pages/the-big-wedding-podcast) The Flashdance (https://www.theflashdance.com/virtual-party-the-big-wedding-planning-podcast) Cactus Collective (https://www.cactus-collective.com/the-big-wedding-planning-podcast/) Unboring Officiant (https://www.unboringofficiant.com/bigwedding/) Special Guest: Brien Shamp.
1 hr 5 min
GymCastic: The Gymnastics Podcast
GymCastic: The Gymnastics Podcast
COVID or Correct
Club Gym Nerd members can watch the podcast being recorded and see video clips of the gymnastics while we discuss. Please login to your Club Gym Nerd account to listen and/or watch this episode. Not a member? Join here. NCAA NEWS * The season has started! We run through who's leading the team rankings (and who's leading the lesbian rankings), which teams exceeded expectations, who was successfully NOT BASIC, our favorite gymnasts of all time this week, and who needs to be taken to the honesty corner. * COVID or Correct: Who was correct, and who's getting COVID (and who's getting Bonus COVID). We didn't come here to make friends; we came here to not be in pandemics. Plus, LSU got back to us about Gym 101. * Crack or Correct: What happens when you're crying too much to salute? And when does a fall get you a 9.600? GYMTERNET NEWS Raphael Warnock is Simone Biles, Alaska is owning the fundraising game, is it fair for athletes to jump the line for vaccines, Kerri Strug has a beer named after her, senior member Dick Pound has spoken, and Eythora says she doesn't want to go to Tokyo. JOIN CLUB GYM NERD * Join Club Gym Nerd or buy a gift membership for access to Behind the Scenes episodes. * Buy our awesome clothing and gifts here. * We have masks too! RELATED EPISODES * It's the Olympic Year. Again. * 453: European Championships of Feelings with Olly Hogben * 452: A Beam REVELATION * 451: Caring Too Much * Gym Nerd School 101
1 hr 36 min
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