Story about Building a Meaningful Business, doing what you Love and doing your Best Work
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Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Like many other little girls, she loved to read and to draw flowers and dresses. One day she asked her grandpa if he could give her money so she could buy some candies. Any other little girls would have asked their grandpa to buy them candies instead of money to buy candies. But her Grandpa was not like any other Grandpas in the world.

She would never have thought of asking grandpa to buy anything because he was always busy working. See, Grandpa was a powerful businessman. He was the owner of a factory that made beautiful dresses for little girls in town, and there were so many people working for him. So he was too busy to buy candies. 

When Grandpa was not in his accountant’s office looking at numbers, he was always on the factory floor making sure that everyone was doing a great job. 

Grandpa was a highly respected man. 

He gave jobs to all these people that had left their hometown to find jobs and a better life for themself and for their loved ones. 

Life was not easy for these families. 

They often arrived with very little money, very little possession and they had no jobs. So it was difficult for them to find a safe shelter and to send the kids to school. 

With his growing business, Grandpa was able to hire these workers. If they were willing to learn and to work hard, he would give them a job.

In addition to a job, Grandpa wanted to do more to help these families. 
So he started by providing meals to all his workers and all their family members to make sure that they get nutritious foods every day. When he had more money, he invested in a big house and provided his workers with a home and helped pay for the school fees so the kids could have an education. Working for Grandpa and living in this big house was like being part of a very big family.

The word got spread very quickly. There were more and more workers coming to see Grandpa. He was happy to hire some of them and very soon he was able to build a strong team of workers that were fully dedicated to do their best work at the factory because Grandpa was providing them with so much more than a job and a salary. He also provided them with a safe home where their kids could grow in a stable environment and aspire to a brighter future.  

But let’s go back to this little girl and her candies problem.

So when she asked Grandpa for money, he asked her why he would give her money? He only gives money to his employees because they worked for him. So he would not give her money, he doesn’t do that.

But the little girl really wanted candies, so she asked Grandpa to hire her.

What can you do Grandpa asked?

I can draw. So I can be one of your designers. I can draw dresses. You make dresses for little girls, I’m a little girl, I know what I want I know what other little girls want. I’ll show you my drawings and you’ll give me a job so I can buy my candies.  

I don’t know if your work is good. Show me what you can do, then I’ll decide. If it’s good I’ll take you, if not no money for your candies. 

She did not convince Grandpa to hire her, but there’s still a small chance she would get a job. So she will try her best and will work very hard on her drawings.

That day, she did not play with her sister. She did not read a single page of her book. She was too busy drawing the perfect dress.

She knows that she had to put the hard work here because she really wanted these candies and she knows that Grandpa expects everyone to do their bests and will not make an exception for her.

The next morning knocked on Grandpa’s office door.

The Accountant was with him.

Grandpa told the Accountant to leave the room because he has to deal with a very serious business proposal. 

She entered the room and she stood across Grandpa’s giant wooden desk.

She opened her sketchbook and with no hesitation, she handed it to Grandpa, convinced that he would pay her for the great job she did. 

Grandpa pulled out his glasses and put them on his nose. 

He always does that with his Accountant when looking at the numbers. 

He looked at the drawing for a long time.

And finally said: this colorful long princess dress with different types of flowers on it? Is this what you want to wear and what you think that other little girls want to wear?

Yes, she said.

Have you worked hard on it?

Oh yes. I did not play yesterday and didn’t read, because I’ve been working on it all day.

And do you think you will wear this dress every day?

Yes, every day. Because it’s the most beautiful dress ever.

OK. I’ll ask my head seamstress to make a dress according to your drawing, so you can wear it every day. And we’ll start from there.

Does that mean that I’m working for you and you’ll give me money for my candies?

No. You did a good but I’m not giving you money because you are still a little girl and you are too little to go to the store by yourself. 

So instead of giving money, we will go to the store together and I’ll buy you candies. 

The little girl couldn’t be any happier.

She will get the dress of her dreams.

She will finally get the candies that she wanted and now proved that she deserved

And her Grandpa will take some time off to go to the store with her.

This little girl is today very grateful to Grandpa for this precious little lesson about the power of work and the value of money. 

She is also grateful to Grandpa for leading her to believe in herself and for letting her get what she wants by doing what she loves and doing her best work.  

And in general, she is so grateful to Grandpa for showing her that you could build a strong business that truly takes care of its workers, and in fact, the more Grandpa was committed to providing for his workers, the better off was his business. 

This is such an inspiration that will serve her all her life.


That’s it for now. Hope you’ll enjoy this little story.

Wish you wonderful year-end celebrations with your loved ones 

And talk to you next year.

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