Ihitashri Shandilya on Preserving the Heritage Art Form of Mithila Paintings (Madhubani Paintings)
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ON Madhubani Paintings also known as Mithila Paintings, an Ancient Art Form practiced by Women  (2:59)  

ON Ihita’s late Grandmother using this form of Art as a tool to bring a change in this part of the world (4:24)

ON learnings from spending childhood at Grandmother’s NGO (4:53)

ON the realization of the challenges of being women and continuing the work of her Grandmother (5:55)

ON looking for more sustainable sources of revenue (8:18)

ON the idea of evolving from an NGO to a Social Enterprise in order to help the system support the artisans in a way that they support our existence on this planet (9:07)  

ON adding value and meaning to corporate gifting (10:25)  

ON using artisans work onto fashion items (12:16)  

ON the challenges of switching from NGO model to a social business model & change of mindset (15:19)  

ON a hybrid model to support the vision (19:03) 

ON MITHILAsmita international expansion (21:00)  

ON Ihita definition of success: creating a system that holds the vision of creating sustainable livelihood for artisans and their creativity (22:45)  

ON Ihita’s vision of the world for her children: knowledge and appreciation of traditional art forms as the expression of timeless beauty and emotion (24:29)  

ON MITHILAsmita near future development: international expansion  (26:48) 


CONNECT WITH Ihita Shandilya

MITHILAsmita: https://www.mithilasmita.com/

Connect on WhatsApp: +91 9901187800 

BUY from MITHILAsmita: ArtnHer https://www.artnher.com/



Madhubani is a town municipality and headquarter of Madhubani district. Madhubani is situated in the Indian state of Bihar.

Mithila Paintings

ACUMEN fellowship 

UN Women Empowerment Principles award


Host: Leekei Tang

Contact: hello (at) betterbusinessfounder.com

Music credits: Ukulele Fun by Liosound Music / Wooden Xylophone by Floraphonic

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