Limitless: A Sales and Marketing Podcast
Ep 10: Using better sales questions to personalize the customer experience (with Deb Calvert, President at People First Productivity Solutions)
Mar 11, 2020 · 29 min
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Here are some of the questions that we asked Deb on the podcast:

1. You've said that asking better questions improves the customer experience. What do you mean by the phrase "customer experience?"

2. What are the benefits of creating value and personalizing to create this kind of customer experience?

3. How would asking better questions accomplish what you're describing?

4. And it does not just question... you're saying "quality" questions. Tell us more about that.

5. What prevents sellers from asking quality questions?

6. Give us some examples of quality questions and how they're different from standard questions that sellers ask?

7. What else can sellers learn about asking quality questions? What resources can you offer them?

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