Limitless: A Sales and Marketing Podcast
Ep 12: How to lead like a modern CMO (with Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist at Terminus)
Mar 20, 2020 · 1 hr
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Key Takeaways - Trends (going from lead to accounts) - Role (own parts of customer success) - Organization (running a team of specialist - act like a CEO) - Metrics (Business outcomes and same metrics as sales) - Stage based CMOs (Different type of CMO for a different stage of the company) - What are the key attributes any CMO needs in their toolbelt - What keeps CMOs up at night or what keep you up at night being a CMO yourself? - How and why to manage your team according to KPIs - What are the Key ABM findings for CMOs to consider - Should marketers own parts of customer success? - Should a startup hire specialist or generalist first? - What do you mean when you say CMOs should act like CEOs? elaborate - Is there a right type of CMO based on the stage of the company? - You always say marketing is not demand gen, and it's business outcomes (demand gen, pipeline velocity, expansion). Could you elaborate on that? - When is the right time to create a category? How do you know it's the right time and you have the scope? - What budget does an SMB need to start ABM? - Is ABM ideal for a startup with no sales team? - What is your idea of positioning to begin with, in a saturated market? - Minimum basic strategy and tech stack needed for omnichannel marketing for a B2B tech company with a limited budget? - Where do you see the biggest skills gap in marketing today, and how do you overcome that challenge? - How to become a CMO? - Which medium works better in ABM? Sales Nav, Webinars, Seminars, etc? - When is the right time to hire a CMO? Check out our #limitless webinar series: Learn more about Hippo Video: Visit: to get updates on the upcoming episodes and share what we're learning on your social handles. Tweet us @thehippovideo
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