The End Of The Journey, For Now - Kris Sykes & Brian Goldsack
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In this 7th and final episode of the Success Fundamentals podcast, our hosts Kris Sykes and Brian Goldsack revisit their favorite interviews, guests, and takeaways. After more than 70 conversations, our hosts look at how their own definitions of success have changed, and why it’s not just about the money anymore. Kris and Brian also talk about their exciting new show, giving us a taste of what’s to come.  


  • Kris and Brian's favorite guests and key takeaways
  • Looking back to the first few episodes 
  • How we define success, 78 episodes later
  • Introducing: The 8 Questions Show 


Kris: "In anything that you do, I think you have to look at what the intention is. If it's behind the wrong intent, you're never gonna be satisfied. You can have the car or the house or the clothing or whatever you want to have but if it's for you, then it's satisfying to you. If you're doing it to show off or to one up the next person, that's a stressful way to live." 

Kris: "Everybody's perception of what success is has to do with money. And money is a means of exchange. So as long as you're exchanging things, in America at least, it's gonna be of importance but it can't be the end-all, be-all." 

Brian: "If you can somehow find a way to sustain your lifestyle doing something that you love, I think that is the true definition of success." 

Brian: "We're going to ask each guest eight questions with the goal of you guys having an intimate, high level of understanding of each of these subject matters by the conclusion of each series. Each series is going to be a month long and by the end of it, you're gonna be able to go to thanksgiving dinner and speak at length about 12 new subjects every single year."

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