How To Find The Work That Sparks You with Jonathan Fields
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In this episode of the Success Fundamentals podcast, Kris and Brian talk to Award-winning Author, Podcast Producer & Keynote Speaker Jonathan Fields. Their conversation centers around Jonathan’s groundbreaking work that attempts to demystify the different impulses that motivate us to be productive individuals. Jonathan also talks about the state of work today, and how technology has allowed us to redefine our relationship with work. 


  • The search for the 10 'Sparketypes'
  • The 5 components of work that sparks you
  • How to show up consistently everyday
  • Lessons learned while training to be a luthier 
  • Not everything that sparks you should earn you a living
  • We all need to do some self discovery
  • How the digital medium is changing the nature of work


Jonathan: "One of the really big surprises when we started into this work, I kinda figured there's close to eight billion people on the planet. Well, there must be eight billion unique impulses, because we're all different, we're all individual, we're all special. And it would be nearly impossible to identify eight billion of these different things. What I was surprised by was  how quickly distilled to these 10 universal impulses that just show up in different patterns." 

Jonathan: "When I talk about doing work that sparks you or that makes you come alive, I'm talking about work that gives you a feeling of purpose, gives you a feeling that you have access to that magical time feud state of flow, where the world seems to vanish away and you become utterly absorbed in the thing that you're doing almost losing the ability to distinguish between you and the activity."

Jonathan: "The more that you can line up the work that you're doing with these impulses that are inside of you, the more all of those questions drop away. The more the question becomes actually, how can I make sure that I'm not doing this obsessively and nonstop because I love doing this so much and it's giving me so much back." 

Jonathan: "I don't believe that just because something sparks you, means that it necessarily should be the thing that also gives you your living." 

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