Activating The Power Of Empathy with Jimmy LoRusso
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This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Jimmy LoRusso, Founding Engineer at Sevco Security. Computer science as a passion put Jimmy down the path of cybersecurity. Now the founder of his own cybersecurity firm, he explains what the real threats to cybersecurity are and who are actually the most vulnerable to attacks.

He shares that hackers are not likely to be incentivized to go after the information found on any given person's personal computer. They are, however, incentivized to find sensitive information from an enterprise that would pay top dollar to get it back.

Jimmy also shares the importance of soft skills in his own life and work. Even as he works closely with computers, navigating human interactions is an indispensable part of life and he credits his empathetic nature, his mentors, and a strong support system in being effective at it.

For Jimmy, money is simply a means to help you achieve happiness. And he defines power as the ability to control one’s choices without interference except by those he willingly accepts into his own life.


02:23 Taking apart a family computer leads Jimmy to computer engineering

08:21 Computer science solidified Jimmy's passion for software and programming 

15:17 Cybersecurity is a system of deterrents and detection rather than immunity

20:15 Hacking enterprises and personal computers is a question of incentive

26:32 Being analytical: An important skill in cybersecurity and career success

29:40 Empathy is a soft skill needed to navigate human interactions

36:54 Respect others and share your personality for good things happen  

38:03 Success refers more to a happy life and less dependent on career 

42:04 Money: A means to happiness, not the goal in itself

44:53 Power: Being empowered to be autonomous and control personal choices

49:08 Sevco Security helps enterprises be aware of their own devices

54:10 Connect with Jimmy


15:56 "There is no silver bullet that just, oh yeah, you do this thing or you do these things and that stops all attacks. A general rule that we in the cybersecurity industry kind of stick to is we're in an ever evolving battle with attackers."

22:05 "Generally, what's happening with that credit card data, those social security numbers, anything that's actually been pulled out, those are being sold on some corner of the dark web."

27:06 "I think I attribute my success to just kind of looking at situations, not getting too swept up by emotion on things, and being able to kind of logically reason through, does this make sense to do or does it not?"

36:54 "If you were to boil down my philosophy to its most basic level, it's mostly just be nice to people, treat people with respect... just try let a bit of your personality show to make people feel happy and more relaxed. And if you emit that aura wherever you go, good things tend to happen."

44:10 "How can I make enough money to be able to do the things that I personally would like to do that will bring me joy and happiness and, additionally, can I bake that even into my own career choice it for the mechanism that I have for making money?"

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