Do People's Opinions Matter? - Kris Sykes & Brian Goldsack
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In this episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast, Kris Sykes and Brian Goldsack unpack the popular saying “People’s opinions do not matter.” Brian and Kris inspect the issue from several angles, but give a focus on the viewpoint of success. The pair also talks about the need to inspect popular sayings and determine whether they warrant further inspection. 


  • People's opinions do matter in specific contexts
  • The truth matters more than people's opinions
  • The case of Colin Kaepernick
  • Be wary of popular sayings and inspect the context
  • You have the right to clarify their opinion of you
  • Look for honest people who give honest feedback


Brian: "I think that the truth matters, regardless of people's opinions. There was a time in the United States where the general opinion of people is that slavery was okay. But the truth of the matter is that slavery is not okay. And you might actually had been in the minority in the south if you were one of these people walking around saying, ‘I don't think this is right.’" 

Kris: "Go to people who will give you an honest opinion because most strangers will not. They're not gonna say, oh this is terrible. They're not gonna do that because people naturally don't want to hurt your feelings." 

Brian: "People's opinions have a real effect on you. In that sense, they matter. But their opinions could be wrong. So what's more important, the truth or their opinions? I would say, what's the truth of this situation? And then hopefully align your opinions with the truth." 

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