Defeating The Demon with Victoria Meyer
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In this episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast, Kris Sykes and Brian Goldsack talk to Victoria Meyer, President of Progressio Global and the host of The Chemical Show Podcast. A chemical engineer by trade, Victoria spent two decades doing business development in the chemical industry, particularly in Shell. After her long stint in corporate, Victoria stuck to her guns and founded her own consulting business and continues to work with chemical executives. 

As the founder of her own company, Victoria is no stranger to the work and determination needed to succeed. She talks about countering the demons of self-doubt, sloth, and decision-fatigue that serve to block you from achieving your vision of success. She also shares her take on money, and how power can be used to better the world. 


  • Your demons never really go away
  • Society's expectations can instill a fear of criticism
  • It's always easier to do nothing 
  • Design situations that will prevent decision fatigue
  • What's your catalyst?
  • Greatness requires a degree of selfishness
  • You can always find excuses
  • Everybody wants some recognition
  • Can optimism hold you back?
  • Get relevant feedback from experts 
  • Money is a metric and can create opportunity
  • Everybody should use their power to better the world


Victoria: "If you think about what courage is, courage is doing something in the face of fear. And so I think there's this aspect of self doubt and fear of failure that never goes away, that you just keep pushing through and working through."

Victoria: "The other thing I think that's really interesting and, and there's been a lot of research, is the whole thing around decision fatigue. If you have to make a decision to do something at some point, you're just not going to make that decision. So that's where you create habits and create systems so that you don't have to decide."

Victoria: "Feedback is hard. It can be really hard when you fall in love with what you're doing. And then somebody says, well, you shouldn't love it so much. That's really hard. So it's, it's part of the courage. It's part of resilience. But you need to work through that to create that success." 

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