Success, Spirituality, and Interconnectedness with Tami Simon
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Success is very hard to define because it means different things to people. However, what’s universally true is that the feeling of success should come from within yourself, and not from outside. In this episode of the Success Fundamentals podcast, Sounds True founder Tami Simon talks about how achieving a true interconnectedness with something outside of yourself or your tribe will help you find happiness that is far beyond mere pleasure or material delight. 


  • You need to define success for yourself 
  • Find that one thing that really connects you to your conscience 
  • Going outside your tribalism will help you grow 
  • We're gradually recognizing our interconnectedness 
  • Doing something right doesn't always have to feel good 
  • Success is inside-out, not outside-in


Tami: "Just imagine you're lying in bed and you're dying. It's not that hard to imagine. You look back at your life, what would it mean, in your own heart, for you to have been wildly successful? What would it mean to you from that perspective, knowing you're saying goodbye to it all?" 

Tami: "We have to first allow ourselves to be explorers. Try a lot of different things. And when something feels like, 'oh my, this feels really good! I love this, it feels natural to me. It tastes right,' then we have to follow it. Give ourselves permission." 

Tami: "I think that the ecological climate change crisis we're in is driving us. We're seeing how what happens in this part of the world affects another part of the world. We're seeing that if we want to survive as a human species, we all have to work together to accomplish that and what a huge thing that will be."

Tami: "It's not just feeling right in terms of joy, joy, joy, pleasure, pleasure pleasure, tiramisu, tiramisu, tiramisu. It's not just like that. It's... this feels like a fit and it feels so right that I'm even willing to sacrifice for it. I'm willing to do hard stuff for it. It's so valuable, it feels like such a fit for who I am, I'll do what it takes." 

Tami: " At least in my experience, success is an inside-out phenomenon versus an outside, you know, let me just accomplish all these things. When you feel inside rich and abundant, and you have all of these capacities to listen to other people, to be in the unknown and think creatively, to bring out the best in other people on the team and have exceptional teamwork. Before you know it, your business life is growing and changing. You're becoming more and more successful."

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