Mar 15, 2021
Miss Congeniality
Play • 32 min
Do animals have their own distinct personalities?  For decades it was a taboo subject in the hallowed halls of scientific research.  In the '70s Jane Goodall was chastised for giving the chimps she worked with names rather than numbers. Hal Herzog developed a snake personality test in the '80s but didn't publish his work for fear of backlash. Twenty years later, Sam Gosling was kicked out of his Anthropology Professors office for suggesting he focus his research on it.   Today they're all considered pioneers in the field.

Today, it's still a controversial topic. What exactly is animal personality, anyway? Is it the same as human personality? Does it apply to all animals or just mammals? What do we know today that we didn't know before?   Jay, Niki and Erika debate the issues, talk with Herzog, Gosling and more. Oh, and they find out which animal personality quiz they most resemble.
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