Coffee with Kim
Coffee with Kim
Sep 20, 2022
Building Trust In A Busy World With Ron Tite
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Have you had an experience where a company’s values (ex. friendly, fast customer service) don’t match your experience (slow, unhelpful customer service agent)? Simply having a value (ex. great customer service) doesn’t mean that’s what happens every day at an organization. Great organizations succeed based on what they think, do and say. From the receptionist at the front desk to the CEO, how do you make sure your team is living out your company’s values? Ron Tite and I sat down to discuss how to build trust in a world that’s full of uncertainty and broken promises.



05:00 Winning People's Time

08:35 Assembly Line Vs Concept Car Analogy

15:05 Defining Cause And Purpose

20:07 How To Build A Brand

26:40 Meaningful Employment And The Customer Experience

32:24 The Three Types Of Stories To Tell In An Organization

37:31 Speed Round


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