Coffee with Kim
Coffee with Kim
Sep 13, 2022
How To Get More Customers With Kristina Paider
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Storytelling can make or break a business, an interview or an opportunity. People connect with stories because they’re eager to hear how YOUR story, or what you offer, can make THEIR life better. How do we make sure our story is worth listening to? Kristina Paider, a former Hollywood screenwriter, is breaking down the best kept secrets in tinsel town to show us how to tell our story in an Oscar award winning way. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your customers feel like the main character this talk will fill your notebook with takeaways!



04:34 Why Is Your Story Important? 

08:40 Owning Your Character's Strengths & Flawesomeness (aka awesome flaws!) 

14:25 Telling Your Story When You're Scared Of Judgement 

17:07 Written Stories Like Resumes And Bios 

22:15 Using Story Forensics 

27:00 How To Tell The Story Of A Company 

32:40 Speed Round Questions


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