Coffee with Kim
Coffee with Kim
Jul 26, 2022
Leadership Tips With Brandon Smith
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Optimizing productivity and decreasing anxiety in the workplace sound like a fairytale’s happy ending? This week I’m sharing my chat with “The Workplace Therapist,” Brandon Smith, to get his crash course in Workplace Happiness 101. He is a wealth of knowledge on how to take control of your workplace experience and gives tactical tips on how to eliminate dysfunction and create room to become the best leader you can be. We deep dive into principles from his book “The Hot Sauce Principle: How to Live and Lead in a World Where Everything is Urgent All the Time” and break down how to manage the intense urgency flooding employees as offices rush to get “back to normal.


08:55 The 3 Parts To Workplace Happiness

11:55 How To Be A Respected Leader

18:10 Hot Sauce and Urgency

23:56 The Worst Kind Of Leader To Work With

34:29 Operational and Relational Values

40:00 Coach vs Mentor

44:50 Speed Round


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