Interpreting India
Interpreting India
Jul 15, 2021
Discussing Afghanistan after the U.S. Withdrawal with Avinash Paliwal and Thomas Ruttig
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In this episode of Interpreting India, Avinash Paliwal and Thomas Ruttig join Deep Pal to analyze the present situation in Afghanistan, what the implications of the U.S. withdrawal might be, and what this might mean for India and other countries involved.  


Episode Background:

The withdrawal of the United States and its NATO allies from Afghanistan has led to concerns over the Kabul government’s ability to survive in the face of an aggressive Taliban onslaught. The peace process, which the U.S. had initiated between the Taliban and the Afghan government, has also stalled without achieving a settlement. While President Ghani has asserted that the government forces are prepared to meet the challenges that the withdrawal presents, analysts remain pessimistic about the possibilities.  


Episode Contributors:

Avinash Paliwal is a senior lecturer in International Relations and deputy director of the SOAS South Asia Institute | Twitter: @PaliwalAvi

Thomas Ruttig is co-founder and co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network | Twitter: @thruttig

Deep Pal is a visiting fellow in the Asia program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | Twitter: @DeepPal_


Episode Timestamps: 

2:26 The Current Situation and Prospects for Peace

8:48 On the Possibility of a Power-Sharing Agreement 

16:01 The Taliban and its Factions, and the India-Pakistan Dyad

54:58 On the Role of Other  Countries and Players

57:40  Where is the Conflict Headed?


Additional Reading:

1. A Troika of Four: Looking back at the March 2021 Afghanistan meeting in Moscow by Thomas Ruttig

2. Afghanistan After the US Withdrawal: An Elusive Peace by Thomas Ruttig

3. Engaging with the Taliban is Necessary by Avinash Paliwal

4. Sino twist to Af-Pak puzzle: Given China’s Forays, India’s Afghanistan Strategy Must Look at Iran, Taliban, and Even Pakistan  by Avinash Paliwal

5. My Enemy's Enemy: India in Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to the US by Avinash Paliwal


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