Epic Chef Wants To Sell Courses
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[00:01:12] So today I'm talking to Christina. Christina, where are you at in the world? Good morning.

[00:01:16] Christina: [00:01:16] I'm in Venice, California. Venice beach.

[00:01:19] dane: [00:01:19] And what's your big goal for the call?

[00:01:21] Christina: [00:01:21] Well, I really want to launch some online courses. It's just shifting gears, doing something I've really never done before and I need help.

[00:01:31] dane: [00:01:31] What's the ultimate goal with the courses that do for you?

[00:01:35] Christina: [00:01:35] Well, it will give me more time. Right now, I trade my time for income. I'm a personal chef. And I really want to start creating products so that I can, you know, have a little more financial freedom and a little more time. It's

[00:01:50] dane: [00:01:50] kind of thing. So let's just get really clear on this.

[00:01:53] You want to stop trading time for money.

[00:01:56] Christina: [00:01:56] Exactly.

[00:01:57] dane: [00:01:57] Can you just say that

[00:01:58] Christina: [00:01:58] I want to stop [00:02:00] trading my time for money?

[00:02:01] dane: [00:02:01] What happens when you share that? It makes me

[00:02:03] Christina: [00:02:03] nervous because this is how I've made my income my entire life.

[00:02:08] dane: [00:02:08] Is there any sadness?

[00:02:11] Christina: [00:02:11] Yeah, because I know that there's only so much time and I can only make so much money, you know, by the hour kind of thing.

[00:02:18] It just doesn't make sense. I know all my friends that have real wealth, you know, invest their money or you know, make money in different ways. Passive income. So I really want to start doing that. I'm getting older.

[00:02:30] dane: [00:02:30] Oh, you're getting older.

[00:02:32] Christina: [00:02:32] Yes.

[00:02:33] dane: [00:02:33] So this is a biological clock thing kind of.

[00:02:37] Christina: [00:02:37] Well, just the fact that, you know, as a chef, I spend all of my time on my feet and it's physically exhausting.

[00:02:46] I mean, I just, you know, did a dinner on Friday night for a big group of people and I was dead on Saturday, you know, I could barely get out of bed. I was so tired from all the energy I put forth for that.

[00:02:59] dane: [00:02:59] How much did you make.

[00:03:01] Christina: [00:03:01] About $1,200 so embarrassing to say that because that's not that much money in the big picture

[00:03:09] dane: [00:03:09] for a night of work.

[00:03:10] Christina: [00:03:10] Yeah. It wasn't one night, you know, it was planning, menu, planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, all of that, cleaning.

[00:03:18] dane: [00:03:18] Is it possible to hire help for those things that, so you're not so tired?

[00:03:23] Christina: [00:03:23] It's possible, but that means that I would make less money. Right? I would have to take that out of my net profit. And

[00:03:31] dane: [00:03:31] you'd have your Saturday.

[00:03:32] Christina: [00:03:32] That's true. I mean, when I was younger, you know, this is the age part, you know, I had a lot more energy now, you know, it's just kind of, you know, I need more recovery time. I'm in my forties

[00:03:45] dane: [00:03:45] so I'm asking these questions just to kind of get a deeper feel for you. I want to ask about what kind of quality of life are you looking for?

[00:03:53] Christina: [00:03:53] Well, I would like to be able to travel when I want to. I would like to have more [00:04:00] financial freedom. I would like to have my dream kitchen. I would like to have a garden. So, you know, right now I live in a small apartment. Which is big enough for me. It's lovely, but I don't have the kind of kitchen that I would like.

[00:04:12] I would just like to have more financial freedom to make choices and travel and do the things I want to do and to learn more, which, you know, more income gives me more choices.

[00:04:21] dane: [00:04:21] Is any of this painful to be talking about.

[00:04:24] Christina: [00:04:24] It's a little embarrassing. Yes. Well, you know, I would like to be living at a higher level of success than I currently am right now.

[00:04:34] That said, I'm very appreciative and grateful for all the wonderful things that I have done and that have, you

[00:04:40] dane: [00:04:40] know, you want a better life and you're embarrassed. You're not there yet.

[00:04:46] Christina: [00:04:46] A little bit. Yeah. Because of my age. Yes. And I see a lot of my friends and people that are a lot younger than me that are a lot more successful than I am.

[00:04:55] I mean, I hate to say that I'm comparing myself, but it's not even a thing of comparison. I'm in my forties

[00:05:01] dane: [00:05:01] well, the comparison is just a reflection of the dissatisfaction. Sure. You know, you're dissatisfied. Like if you had your dream kitchen, your dream garden, your freedom to travel and your freedom to learn, do you think you'd compare yourself.

[00:05:15] No. Yeah. So if you're comparing yourself to me, are you comparing yourself to anybody? That's a real good indicator. Just look in a mirror and see where you're dissatisfied. So let's just say that again. Let's say you have your dream kitchen, your dream garden, and you can travel. And you have freedom to learn.

[00:05:34] Christina: [00:05:34] That makes me happy.

[00:05:35] dane: [00:05:35] Were there some tears the first time I said it? Do you remember? Okay. Your eyes started to get wet when I mentioned the first time and I was just curious about allowing that to expand and so the more deeply felt this is in your body. The less judgment you'll have around it and you know, the more action you'll take, et cetera.

[00:05:53] Christina: [00:05:53] Yeah, it does excite me. It's amazing. As a private chef, I go into other people's incredible kitchens and homes and [00:06:00] it's amazing how much food I produce out of my tiny little kitchen here.

[00:06:04] dane: [00:06:04] How would it feel for every person you cook for? Do you get to talk to the owner at all?

[00:06:10] Christina: [00:06:10] Yeah, every circumstance is different, but yes, generally, absolutely.

[00:06:13] Yes,

[00:06:14] dane: [00:06:14] I do. What if you said something like this to these owners? I have dreams of expanding my business and one day owning a kitchen as beautiful as yours.

[00:06:23] Christina: [00:06:23] Are you suggesting I say that?

[00:06:25] dane: [00:06:25] Yep. You're going to say, I have dreams of expanding my business and one day owning a kitchen as beautiful as yours. Oh, wow.

[00:06:33] Do you think that you'd ever have a minute? Tell me how you got to where you are.

[00:06:37] Christina: [00:06:37] Oh,

[00:06:40] dane: [00:06:40] and you want to do that very gently feeling the situation. Cause they might be like, Oh, I'm busy. What do you mean? Talk to you about this. So you can just say the first sentence and what you're doing and you're not saying it for them.

[00:06:50] You're saying it for you. Every kitchen you go into that you look at instead of envy, jealousy, disappointment, dissatisfaction, sadness. You're going to say, I have dreams of expanding my business and one day owning a kitchen as beautiful as yours, and then based on their response, Oh, this would be fire if he says something like this, potentially you say, I dunno if you'd ever find it in your heart to mentor a little old chef like me, but if you did, I'd be very grateful.

[00:07:21] Okay. That's not so much about how they'll mentor you or what they'll say. It's about watching people support your dream, seeing that people want it for you, seeing that the universe wants it for you. And if someone says no, that's more of a reflection of many circumstances than it is of if you're worthy of this dream or not.

[00:07:41] But if you phrase it along the lines of, I don't know if you'd ever find it in your heart to be able to mentor a little chef like me, but if you are, I'd be grateful. And if not, that's totally okay. Now every kitchen you go into is going to deposit like this special vibration. You know, man, when I was [00:08:00] 27 I was starting to really get a hang of this and I got my hands on the right books, Christina and I read them.

[00:08:05] It took about four years for my brain to acclimate. So the friends that you're talking about that have the wealth and have these courses and you're like, why can't I do that? Or this or that? Why do they, they have a different brain that you could build, but you need to take time to build the brain. Okay, so we're going to get into that.

[00:08:20] But what I want to say, so I was 27 I had a real, a business selling software to real estate agents. And I went to Las Vegas and I must as one of my clients. So she says, well, make sure you talk to me when you come in town. And he's had really good relationships with my customers. I visit them when I come into town.

[00:08:35] I don't know many entrepreneurs that do that. One tiny thing I did. Spending time with my customer, being less afraid of them being more connected to them, creating more confidence for me to market to them, seeing that they're not scary, seeing that they're not different than me seeing that it's okay to talk to them about my products and services just because I spend time with them.

[00:08:55] Well, I asked her if we could look at the most expensive homes in Las Vegas, can we go to are the most expensive homes for sale? She's like, you can't afford those. And I said, not right now, but I want to be around that vibration. So she called up this home that was owned by a publicly traded guy. He got arrested, went to prison for fraud, publicly traded company at the top of his game, and the $10 million home in Vegas at the top of his game.

[00:09:20] And he's still commits fraud. It is, and it's so normal that people are very successful and falling apart in their private life. You know, some do fraud with it, some do drugs with it, but the number of people that are highly successful falling apart in their private life is very alarming. And I wish it was talked about more.

[00:09:39] Anyway, it's a real thing. So she calls up this realtor, she says, we want to look at this $10 million home that's been foreclosed on. It was $10 million home on sale for 4 million because it's on foreclosure. You could have bought it for 60% off. She gets there like do they have a preapproval letter? And we say no, but they're just in town for the day and their dad owns some big company in [00:10:00] like South America.

[00:10:01] Just lied. We get there. We look for the home. If you'd like to get a free one on one with me and beyond this show, you can find out details@startfromzero.com forward slash podcast. Yes. So what company does your father own in South Africa? And I look at him straight in the face. I'm 27 and I'm like, uh, it's okay to lie, right?

[00:10:22] I wouldn't do this now, but at 37 I was fine doing it. And I said, Oh, he owns a tire manufacturing company. We sell tires mostly to tractors. John Deere is a big client of ours. I've just completely made up at the end of it. He said, listen, you could buy the home, you can get a loan on it, and he just looks at me and says this, and I just stare at him and I think he thinks that I'm so rich that I'm offended that he mentioned alone and he said, or you can buy a cash if you want.

[00:10:46] We got real nervous and then I walked out. It was really, really interesting, but I got to walk around the vibration of that home. It was on a PGA tour golf course where tiger was a play, you know, and I was right on like the eighth green waterfall pool, white, pristine, everything. And I walk around and I drank that vibration in.

[00:11:05] And so when you, every time you walk into a kitchen, you do this, what'll happen is something very powerful will happen. Your brain will really start to shift where you can't help. But just do it because you're aligning the emotional system first. And the emotional system we know is way more powerful than the intellect.

[00:11:22] So now that we've got the emotional system aligned, now we're going to build the intellect. So in terms of the intellect, what I understand is you're an iron Vedic

[00:11:29] Christina: [00:11:29] chef. That is correct.

[00:11:30] dane: [00:11:30] And the basic premise of Iyer Veda is what?

[00:11:34] Christina: [00:11:34] Well, it talks about creating balance in your life. Everything in nature is made of the five elements.

[00:11:41] No two people are exactly the same. So the concept is that, you know, it's about using your own intuition to learn how to balance and find wellness in your own life, in your own body. Why is

[00:11:53] dane: [00:11:53] it better than other modalities and what great result does it give?

[00:11:56] Christina: [00:11:56] I mean, it's not necessarily better than other [00:12:00] modalities.

[00:12:00] It's an ancient science that, you know, the information is over 5,000 years old. So, and it has stood the test of time. So

[00:12:08] dane: [00:12:08] for example, is it a way to activate the nervous system to access more of your internal power? Absolutely. Okay. So that'd be a good result, for example. Yeah. So it's a way to activate the nervous system to create more power, like dormant energy in your body.

[00:12:24] Boom. Awake and activated. You now have more power.

[00:12:26] Christina: [00:12:26] Yes. Like to calm yourself down. Like from myself, I get overly nervous and it actually helps to chill me out.

[00:12:34] dane: [00:12:34] So it's a way to speak to your nervous system.

[00:12:37] Christina: [00:12:37] Absolutely.

[00:12:38] dane: [00:12:38] In a language your nervous system will receive and understand and listen to.

[00:12:42] Christina: [00:12:42] Yes.

[00:12:43] dane: [00:12:43] So you don't ever try to tell your body to calm down and it kind of works, but doesn't all the way work.

[00:12:49] Well, that's because you don't notice feet the language of your nervous system. Well, I have a 5,000 year old ancient science that's been tested and used. By some of the most renowned people over time. And this methodology allows you to speak to your nervous system in a way that your body listens and you can activate more power, more confidence, more calm, and it's quick and it works rapidly because you know what?

[00:13:16] Your nervous system has a language that it speaks. And when you learn how to speak it, you can have access to it right away. Now, I never mentioned dire Veda. Yes, it's fun. It's all, I'm like, what is this? I am now interested in iron Veda, but now you mentioned Ayurveda. I'm like, okay, I'm fine. I'm good.

[00:13:33] Christina: [00:13:33] Yeah, no, that's amazing that you're bringing this up because I always feel like, you know, as soon as I say the word I R Veda, people have no idea what it is and they're not interested in learning something new, or they're already like, I'm doing Quito, or I'm doing this, you know, and

[00:13:47] dane: [00:13:47] welcome to your confidence.

[00:13:49] Slowly shattering.

[00:13:51] Christina: [00:13:51] Yes.

[00:13:52] dane: [00:13:52] Yeah. This is exciting. You are what's called a technician right now, which [00:14:00] is like a fancy word for expert. Like a neurosurgeon could be a technician, architect, could be a technician, but technicians trade time for money and we're taught from an era. Yeah, you're a labor, but we're taught to maximize our time per hour.

[00:14:16] So everything we do in pic is based on how much we'll make. For the most part. I mean, you know, neurosurgeons, half a million, but it's still time for dollars. I have set up my nervous system in such a way where I can't even trade time for money. Like. It's very difficult, like a neurosurgeon making half a million a year.

[00:14:32] I would blow my brains out because when I'm done working and the money would stop, and I've spoiled myself to the point where I know I can work once and not have to work again. So technicians trade time for money. Entrepreneurs trade time for equity. In other words, entrepreneurs trade time for freedom.

[00:14:51] Christina: [00:14:51] That's what I want.

[00:14:52] dane: [00:14:52] Inequity is freedom. Okay? Equity is ownership in something. Ownership of something that can pay you, but you know, time for freedom. So you could write a book that book sells. That's time for freedom. You could go to a cook something, but that's time for money. That's technician. So as a technician, you're really screwed.

[00:15:09] I know. Because you're conditioned. In so many ways, but now you have a very clear distinction. Crap, I'm a technician. I need to shift entrepreneur. I want to trade my time for freedom. Yeah, I do that by trading my time for equity. So now at the end of each day, you're going to ask yourself, did I build equity today?

[00:15:28] Okay. If the answer is no, then you haven't moved forward. If the answer is yes, it has, I imagine you answer, yes, I've built equity today for 10 years. Exactly. So equity could be a podcast you recorded with someone that now works without your time. A blog post. You've written a book, you've written, of course, you've created a software product that's been built, a business with Ayurvedic chefs that go into homes for you.

[00:15:57] Where you have minor management [00:16:00] potentially, but the thought is no longer time for dollars. The thought is now time for equity. So you figure out how much do you need per month just to get by and be okay for now while you're building equity.

[00:16:13] Christina: [00:16:13] Between four and $5,000.

[00:16:15] dane: [00:16:15] Okay. And so is that four or five cooks a month?

[00:16:21] Christina: [00:16:21] Well, I, you know, I'm not exclusively a personal chef. I also work with an event production company, so that's seasonal work. I pick up different kinds of work. I do some production, like I worked on a super bowl commercial last week as well. There was a PA, a production assistant for my friend who's a prop master.

[00:16:40] dane: [00:16:40] And how much did you make doing that?

[00:16:44] Christina: [00:16:44] About $500

[00:16:45] dane: [00:16:45] for how long. Okay. It's all right because you're not quite yet clear within your system, so you can't easily make decisions and say, no. So now you know about four to 5,000 let's just call it 5,000. So you have a strategy to make five grand a month. As soon as you hit five grand, everything's a no.

[00:17:07] Everything else is a no. Once you've hit five grand, as soon as you've made five grand, any other jobs that come in are no for the month, cause everything else, all that time is going to be spent learning how to and building equity. And so you slowly wean yourself from technician to entrepreneur. Does this sound doable?

[00:17:29] Yeah. Okay, good. So once you had five grand, someone calls and it's all Christina, I'm like, Hey Christina, I've got this super bowl ad. I really love your help on it. It's the Superbowl and I don't have anybody else really I could call. You're like the perfect fit for this. Do you have time to help me?

[00:17:47] Christina: [00:17:47] I think that was a bad example.

[00:17:50] dane: [00:17:50] Great example, cause it's very enticing.

[00:17:52] Christina: [00:17:52] Well, it was fun. It was easy. You know, it's two days. There's a lot of driving. Anyway, in bigger terms, I work with this event production company. We [00:18:00] produce a festival. I'm the sponsorship director, so for a four months of the year I'm under contract and I make a bit more money than that.

[00:18:07] I'd rather not tell you how much.

[00:18:08] dane: [00:18:08] No, that's fine. We only need to know, like I just

[00:18:12] Christina: [00:18:12] different kinds of jobs is all I'm saying.

[00:18:15] dane: [00:18:15] There's no so much. I know how much you're getting paid just to set the thing. It's five grand and then once you hit five grand, you're done.

[00:18:21] Christina: [00:18:21] Okay. I like that number.

[00:18:23] dane: [00:18:23] Yep.

[00:18:24] Christina: [00:18:24] Because it feels realistic more than.

[00:18:26] Yeah. Cause it's ultimately,

[00:18:29] dane: [00:18:29] no, no. You're going to make a hundred grand a month. Once you have equity, right? You'll have a hundred grand a month. Right? Now your vision is working at five to build equity. So you could eventually have a hundred grand a month, 50 grand a month. Right? So what's the easiest way for you to make five grand a month?

[00:18:48] Yeah.

[00:18:49] Christina: [00:18:49] I think cooking. John's

[00:18:52] dane: [00:18:52] pretty reliable. Defined?

[00:18:53] Christina: [00:18:53] No, it's feast or famine, honestly.

[00:18:56] dane: [00:18:56] What do you mean?

[00:18:57] Christina: [00:18:57] Well, it's not consistent. You know, there's periods of time where I have a consistent client. I had a client until October. I was cooking for him every other day, and then he went to New York. So since October, you know, then it was the holidays.

[00:19:12] It's been inconsistent, you know? And I don't necessarily want to work full time for like a family or something like that.

[00:19:19] dane: [00:19:19] So would this solve the problem? Let's say you sign up for LinkedIn, you get LinkedIn, and then you buy LinkedIn sales navigator, and that's like this automated system that allows you to pull these searches.

[00:19:30] And then within LinkedIn you reach out to like. 50 high end executives in the LA area a day and or 50 professional athletes per day and say, you're a specialized chef. That knows how to access the greatest parts of their nervous system using an ancient science. Never mentioned I Aveda, and you're wondering if they'd like personal chef work and this runs automatically every day.

[00:19:54] You have 50 new people just getting asked this. You won't be in feast or famine anymore.

[00:20:01] [00:20:00] If you'd like to hang out with people reading the star from zero book, listening to the start from zero podcasts, listening to the book on tape and build businesses with them and do it with people together. Visit start from zero.com forward slash starters.

[00:20:19] And then you'll just get your five K per month clients. You have three clients that pay you five grand per month retainers. Your brain is now free to build equity. And what you did is you went to LinkedIn, you looked at owners of companies that have at least 25 employees, and you can do all of that as LinkedIn and send him a message like, listen, I know the demands of being a business owner and food is one of the most important things, and if you cut on this over time, it's going to kill you.

[00:20:42] Yeah. And so what I have is I have a whole food methodology based on an ancient science of 5,000 years old that will activate polo, blah, blah, blah. And you never mention our Veda. You say, would you like to chat for five minutes on the phone? See if we're a fit as exactly how you say it. Would you like to chat for five minutes on the phone?

[00:20:55] See if we're a fit. If you nail this right, they're going to go, boom, I gotta talk to this person. So in sales navigator. You go in and then you can like pull searches and you need to like look up YouTube and see how to use sales navigator on YouTube and research that, but that's all you're going to need.

[00:21:12] You're going to spend a day, one day, that's it, Christina, one day, and you'll have set up. A automated ongoing customer acquisition system, and you just happened to be in LA where everyone is extremely success driven, very image driven, wants the next thing, and they make a lot of money. A lot of people do, a lot of people don't, but there's people in LA that they absorb it into amounts of cash.

[00:21:35] Christina: [00:21:35] Yeah. That's why I live here.

[00:21:36] dane: [00:21:36] Any questions on implementing the LinkedIn strategy?

[00:21:38] Christina: [00:21:38] No, I mean, I'm not familiar with it, so I don't have questions yet.

[00:21:42] dane: [00:21:42] Well, you'll be able to find all those questions with Google and YouTube. Okay. What's the basic strategy?

[00:21:46] Christina: [00:21:46] I'm going to find my target audience and then I'm going to reach out to them and my understanding from what you've told me, the system automatically reaches out to them with like an email that I create

[00:21:57] dane: [00:21:57] or something.

[00:21:57] So there's another tool [00:22:00] called meet alfred.com. And Alfred will automate your LinkedIn outreach, but it's not about Alfred. It's about the mindset. You could Google automate LinkedIn outreach, and you find probably more tools than meet Alfred. Okay? People are so just stupid about this. They're like, Oh, I got the tool, I got the tool, I got the tool.

[00:22:21] It's like, no, don't be stupid. It's not the tool. It's not about LinkedIn. It's not about sales navigator. It's not about Alfred. It's about where do you find high quality people that you could send a message to who cares about LinkedIn? Who cares about sales navigator? I'll be rich till the day I die. I'll know how to make businesses start to the day I die because I'm not bound to a tool.

[00:22:43] I'm in principles. And to the man whose master principles methods are many. So this is a principle. Okay. How do you find high powered people and how do you send them a very compelling message? Are there any ideas that you have that are outside of LinkedIn? No, I

[00:22:57] Christina: [00:22:57] get most of my work from word of mouth.

[00:23:01] dane: [00:23:01] Right.

[00:23:02] Christina: [00:23:02] But the one thing I do want to mention is that I want to shift gears from being from like cooking, from physically cooking, too, teaching so that it's not so labor intensive

[00:23:13] dane: [00:23:13] because you start teaching right now and make five grand a month.

[00:23:16] Christina: [00:23:16] No.

[00:23:17] dane: [00:23:17] Okay. So we're getting your basis covered first.

[00:23:20] Christina: [00:23:20] Got it.

[00:23:20] And that makes sense.

[00:23:22] dane: [00:23:22] You want to now

[00:23:23] Christina: [00:23:23] I want it know.

[00:23:24] dane: [00:23:24] Very risky.

[00:23:26] Christina: [00:23:26] Yes, I agree.

[00:23:27] dane: [00:23:27] And you probably ended up being very stressed and it doesn't mean it's not possible. Yeah. Who do you want to teach? People

[00:23:33] Christina: [00:23:33] that are interested in improving their health and creating balance in their life?

[00:23:40] People who want to learn how to cook.

[00:23:42] dane: [00:23:42] Are there people out there that want to

[00:23:43] Christina: [00:23:43] learn how to cook? I hope so. I imagine so.

[00:23:47] dane: [00:23:47] Click a button, get UberEATS, click a button, get Grava. They want to learn how to cook.

[00:23:53] Christina: [00:23:53] I don't know.

[00:23:54] dane: [00:23:54] I hope so. Yeah.

[00:23:56] Christina: [00:23:56] But you know, I do have friends like you and I have a [00:24:00] mutual friend in San Diego that, you know, she's also an Irv.

[00:24:03] She has an Ayurvedic background, and she's created programs and systems, and she's doing well

[00:24:09] dane: [00:24:09] for mentorship.

[00:24:10] Christina: [00:24:10] I have not. That's a good idea.

[00:24:12] dane: [00:24:12] Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you get your $5,000 per month based covered.

[00:24:18] Christina: [00:24:18] Okay. Do that first.

[00:24:20] dane: [00:24:20] Oh yeah. You don't want to be needy.

[00:24:22] Christina: [00:24:22] No, I don't.

[00:24:23] dane: [00:24:23] And this will keep you from being needy when you're not needy.

[00:24:27] Then the creative faculties of your brain can turn on if you're in survival mode and then you become needy. Then it's like, now you have to have this thing, work with the Venter, but you have to have this thing work. And now you're walking around conferences and you're like, huh, I have a chef. I'm an either shift.

[00:24:42] Please hire me. Please hire me. Please hire

[00:24:44] Christina: [00:24:44] me. Yeah, no, I get it. I've been there.

[00:24:47] dane: [00:24:47] So we are creating your independence right now, and if you're reaching out to 50 executives and 50 athletes, imagine if you were cooking for like three of the Los Angeles Lakers. Right. And you would be good enough to do that.

[00:25:00] Do think so? Yeah. See, like, and if an LA Laker had Ayurvedic meals to their body type, do you think it would improve their sport performance?

[00:25:09] Christina: [00:25:09] Yeah, I mean definitely.

[00:25:10] dane: [00:25:10] They probably got shifts right now. Oh yeah. You have to kick them out. Are you happy with your shifts? If you are, I don't want to talk, but if you are,

[00:25:18] Christina: [00:25:18] and that's what I do.

[00:25:18] I do special diets. I don't limit myself just to iron Veda because people want, you know, I market myself as an organic farm to table chef rather than saying I are Vedics exclusively, cause it's not exclusively aggravate it. But I was trained as an Ayurvedic chef and I want to run with those principles in as far as, once I start creating equity.

[00:25:38] dane: [00:25:38] Yes. Okay. So what's the basic principle of this customer acquisition system?

[00:25:44] Christina: [00:25:44] It's about finding them

[00:25:48] dane: [00:25:48] simple, and

[00:25:50] Christina: [00:25:50] I don't know.

[00:25:51] dane: [00:25:51] What would you do once you found them?

[00:25:53] Christina: [00:25:53] I would tell them that I'm exactly who they've been looking for,

[00:25:58] dane: [00:25:58] but you don't know that that's [00:26:00] true.

[00:26:00] Christina: [00:26:00] Well, I don't, I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time following what you're

[00:26:04] dane: [00:26:04] making.

[00:26:04] You fumble on purpose

[00:26:07] Christina: [00:26:07] cause I was like, I don't know. I

[00:26:08] dane: [00:26:08] mean I gave you the answer. You remember more. Okay. Do you find them? And then what

[00:26:14] Christina: [00:26:14] I suggest to them,

[00:26:19] dane: [00:26:19] unsolicited advice, unsolicited suggestions, unsolicited invitations might as well be abuse. You're going to put yourself right into the category of a pest, right?

[00:26:32] I'm who you're looking for. It's got great intentions at the same time. I was like, what are you talking about?

[00:26:37] Christina: [00:26:37] I agree.

[00:26:38] dane: [00:26:38] So if you saw an attractive dude and you walked up to him and you said, I'm what you've been looking for, you know what? Depending on the guy at work, he'd be like, Oh, really? Okay, good. So it's the same darn thing.

[00:26:55] It's a relationship. It's find a person, send them a compelling message, and it's compelling. Once you're like, dang. I would say yes to that. Right, and the compelling messages. As a busy leader, you have a lot of demands on your plate. Unfortunately, health can take last place. Do you have an Epic chef or an Epic food regiment taking care of you right now?

[00:27:17] Send. They say, yeah, fine, or no, you know, I'm not, I don't have a chef. And then those are the people that you might be exactly what they're looking for. Okay. That's when you say, I'm exactly what you've been looking for. After you find out if they don't have a chef and they need help,

[00:27:35] Christina: [00:27:35] that's a priority for them.

[00:27:37] dane: [00:27:37] As soon as three steps to suit, and you shouldn't be expected to know this because you've been trained in Ayurveda. You haven't been trained in marketing.

[00:27:44] Christina: [00:27:44] Right. But I want to learn more about marketing. Yeah, that's great.

[00:27:48] dane: [00:27:48] I mean, marketing is like find a person and give them a compelling message.

[00:27:52] Christina: [00:27:52] I love it.

[00:27:53] dane: [00:27:53] How do you give someone a compelling message? Well, by figuring out what goes on in their head on a day to day basis, [00:28:00] busy leaders do not have time to read more than five line messages. Yet many of us are going to send a CEO three paragraphs, like I'm almost offended when people send me like Sydney plus three or four paragraph email.

[00:28:12] I'm like, what's the, what is this? What do they want? Email me whatever you want to say in three or four lines, you know? And if you happen to want to share your story and you think it's relevant, I'll do my best. It's just the emails that catch my attention are the ones that are like one line, two lines long.

[00:28:28] Yeah, so LinkedIn sales navigator and meet Alfred are all tools for the fundamental principle of find someone and send them a compelling message. One of my friends, she's actually the official chef for like the goalie of the Colorado avalanche, and those professional athletes are a dream client because.

[00:28:50] Their career rests on their health and they know it. Ice hockey.

[00:28:57] Christina: [00:28:57] Yeah.

[00:28:59] dane: [00:28:59] So an athlete knows their body Health's important. A CEO. May not really care. So you might find that you pivot to professional athletes in LA. Now every professional athlete gets a message every day. And now when you talk about activating the nervous system to improve their sport performance, and then you mentioned you can cook for him for a week to see if they like it.

[00:29:22] It's done.

[00:29:24] Christina: [00:29:24] Yeah.

[00:29:24] dane: [00:29:24] That's easy. Hey, I'm a chef. Special professional athletes who use an ancient science 5,000 years old to activate certain parts of the nervous system to improve athletic performance. Would you like to chat? Don's great. Yeah. Then they say yes or no. They say yes. You say, great, it takes like five minutes on the phone and then, uh, you know, get me who were applying on the phone.

[00:29:44] So then you find another, maybe you try and do it through the messenger. You say, great. Would you like to chat? Oh, you know what you could do is you say, great is like the chat to say yes. Say, you know, instead of chatting, if you want, I could just cook for you for a week. I could cook for you for a day. I cook for you for a meal.

[00:29:59] You can see how you [00:30:00] feel immediately after you eat one meal because the results are immediate. Would you like to try and have me cook you one meal? That's good marketing and the reason it works to professional athletes is they know their career dies. If their health goes CEO can get away for years having their health, I think it'd be 400 pounds still go to work.

[00:30:18] There's a lot of intelligence in picking that type of a market and going after that. So now, now we're going to build equity. Here's how you build equity. If you want to make good income, you're going to have a business that's built on a clear customer. That wants a clear result. That's given a clear mechanism to do it.

[00:30:35] That's all it is, Christina. And it's so revealing, a clear customer that wants a clear result and there's a clear mechanism. So the idea and the mechanism is third, not first. So your course and the ideas you have for your courses, you can throw them all out. Okay. Because it doesn't matter what your course idea is, it matters who the customer is and what result they want.

[00:30:56] Christina: [00:30:56] Okay.

[00:30:56] dane: [00:30:56] Then your course is probably going to be pretty universal to get the result just in case you might have a gym under you. What sort of course ideas do you have right now.

[00:31:05] Christina: [00:31:05] Well, it's like eating for the seasons, you know, eating for summer, spring, or, you know, eating for the different body types, you know, fire, earth, water, errands, space.

[00:31:18] I don't know. That's the thing,

[00:31:19] dane: [00:31:19] the benefits of eating for the seasons.

[00:31:21] Christina: [00:31:21] Well, it creates balance in your body and it prevents illness. It gives you a stronger constitution in general so that you don't get sick. Like food, medicine,

[00:31:31] dane: [00:31:31] you know, way better than eating for the seasons.

[00:31:34] Christina: [00:31:34] Yeah. And also eating local foods more alive.

[00:31:38] You know, they have higher enzyme content.

[00:31:40] dane: [00:31:40] Man, I tell you what, you could do so well to put together this compelling content that says like the future belongs to those who take care of their health. Now, you can't get away with this forever. The person that takes care of their body now is going to clobber you in 10 years, and I'm saying this because you're in a competitive LA environment.

[00:31:58] You want better skin, better [00:32:00] vitality, more focused, longer hours to work. You want to be stronger and faster and better than the next guy, but you can't. Go one day without taking care of your health.

[00:32:09] Christina: [00:32:09] Honestly, I feel like I'm a living example. You know, I'm in my forties and people often think I'm much younger.

[00:32:16] I'm in pretty good health.

[00:32:17] dane: [00:32:17] Yeah. Doing an IRB to do yourself, but the thing is, it's not about you, okay? It's about the customer and the result they want. If you're an Ayurvedic chef, that's the mechanism, customer result mechanism. Okay. I hire out the mechanism. Christina. I don't fulfill the mechanism, I'll figure it out.

[00:32:34] The customer, I'll figure out the result, and I hire out the mechanism. When I build software products or software companies, I figure out what the person wants. Then I hire the software developer. Okay. And then I structured the deal. So like we all share revenue or something, so I don't lose a risk money.

[00:32:47] Like, you know, the person you hire, they just get 20% of whatever your catering revenue is, and then you don't have to worry about how many hours they work or this or that, and it's just a shared thing. So let's pick an actor as a clear customer, what result do you think they want?

[00:33:02] Christina: [00:33:02] I don't know. Glowing skin.

[00:33:05] dane: [00:33:05] Okay to look good on camera. Correct. How about to remember their lines? So let's say you help actors have a clear mind to remember their lines the first time they read them or some crazy like that, and they say, how do you do that? It's like, well, I teach you how to eat. And a specific way that your body's designed to your mind is free to remember.

[00:33:29] Okay. Clear customer. Actors clear result, look good on camera, and remember their movie lines better than anybody else the first time they read them, et cetera. Now you plug in Ayurveda to that. Let's do another clear customer to the athlete. What result do they want.

[00:33:46] Christina: [00:33:46] They want flexibility and strength and what do they

[00:33:51] dane: [00:33:51] want?

[00:33:52] They want to ask and win.

[00:33:54] Christina: [00:33:54] Okay. They want to win. Great.

[00:33:56] dane: [00:33:56] Right?

[00:33:57] Christina: [00:33:57] Yes. I'm not thinking correctly about,

[00:33:59] dane: [00:33:59] not [00:34:00] yet. It's like you believe in the human spirit. A little too much selfish, narcissistic. Like play to it, sell them stuff that they're happy buying, and then give them the stuff that you most desperately think they want.

[00:34:13] They need, right? Like they want to look good on camera and remember their lines.

[00:34:20] If you'd like to learn how to make money and you need a pass. To do it. Visit start from zero.com and you'll see a whole context of how you can actually get started. There's a three phase process that you can go through. If you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, go there. It'll tell you exactly what to do, where to go, and how to get started, and you don't need money for some of the options.

[00:34:41] And if you do have money, you can buy some of the other options. It's all laid out for you with crystal clear clarity@startfromzero.com where do you go and what do you do. You'll find out there, but then they start doing this certain thing through Irv Veda and it clears their mind up and then they get opened up to this whole deeper spiritual wisdom and then you're able to really impact the world.

[00:35:05] So I sold people how to build software companies, but then I work with them on their identity and their belief systems. Software was a Trojan horse, right? It was the allure in audio software. Then they get as they are, let's work on your self image. That's why I had so many success students. But if I said, Hey guys, come work on your self image.

[00:35:24] So a clear customer, an athlete, what do they want. I want to win. Exactly. And probably get paid more when more games play more and get paid more. Okay. Imagine if you had an ad taken out. If you were able to take out ads towards magazines and newspapers and athletes read like you know the ESPN stuff.

[00:35:44] Everybody's looking at each other's stats and your ad says, are you an athlete who wants to win more, play more, and make more? That all comes down to one fundamental thing. Your performance. Let me show you how to fine tune your performance using [00:36:00] 5,000 years of ancient science that none of your athlete friends know about

[00:36:08] slaughter. With an ad like that you'd need, like you have an athlete in a trance. Do you want to win more games? I have more time off.

[00:36:17] Christina: [00:36:17] Maybe.

[00:36:17] dane: [00:36:17] Maybe if you're in like runner's magazine, you might want to talk about endurance. If you're talking to MMA fighters, you might say the greatest secret to winning MMA fights is to have more endurance than your opponent.

[00:36:30] So when your opponent collapses, you can pound them. I don't know if that's true or not, but like that's what you find out. So now when you're creating your courses for either beta. If you want to approach a hundred grand per month territory, 50 grand per month territory, 25 grand per month territory, you need a very clear customer.

[00:36:49] The very clear result. Okay. And the word I R Veda is at the bottom of the page. Yeah. So actors get more gigs by looking better on camera and remembering your lines. You do that by doing stuff that no other actors doing. Here's the stuff. No one else is doing. Bam, clear customer athletes. Would you like to win?

[00:37:09] Play more and get paid more. That all comes down to one thing. Your performance, how do you fine tune your performance. There's a little known secret based on 5,000 years of ancient science. So these are what your courses are around. It's no longer about Ayurveda. Okay.

[00:37:27] Christina: [00:37:27] It's very interesting cause I guess I always imagined that my customer as a technician, like the people I'm cooking for is a different audience than who I'm creating these courses for.

[00:37:36] You know, I kind of envisioned the courses for like women that are, you know, kind of anti-aging kind of.

[00:37:44] dane: [00:37:44] It's very good,

[00:37:45] Christina: [00:37:45] but they're not necessarily these professional athletes,

[00:37:48] dane: [00:37:48] but they're probably pain with aging. Do you just, you know, in the field of aging, you're going against some of those brilliant marketers in the world.

[00:37:57] It's easy as pie to sell something, some aging thing [00:38:00] to someone. So everybody's in that, like a lot of people are in that niche. Aging, weight loss, dating, those niches are. Rather than with competition. But I would be curious to see how much you could make in a competitive niche. So let's do a clear customer, a woman, that's how old necessarily thinking about the impact aging has on them.

[00:38:17] So what's their pain.

[00:38:19] Christina: [00:38:19] They don't have as much energy. Perfect. That's

[00:38:22] dane: [00:38:22] good. That's good. Simple. What result do they want?

[00:38:26] Christina: [00:38:26] Okay, one more vitality. I mean, well, you don't like that word.

[00:38:31] dane: [00:38:31] Well, it's not about what I like or don't like. I'm just being hard on you cause I know you have a little better. So what would a 40 year old woman say?

[00:38:38] What do you want? What's your dream result? Well look, sexy as

[00:38:43] Christina: [00:38:43] sexy. They want to,

[00:38:45] dane: [00:38:45] I just remember what I was saying. No, they still got it. 25 year old men look at them.

[00:38:51] Christina: [00:38:51] Well, I don't.

[00:38:52] dane: [00:38:52] Okay. Maybe not. Maybe, maybe women don't like 25

[00:38:56] Christina: [00:38:56] just saying that when I was approaching 40 things started to change, so I want to help those women with that transition, you know, your hormones are changing and you know it's easier to gain weight and your levels of energy change as well.

[00:39:09] dane: [00:39:09] Are you approaching 40 have you noticed things are starting to change? Have you noticed it's easier to gain weight. Have you noticed it's harder to maintain energy just because you're entering through a special phase of life called blank, blank, blank. At this special phase of life, it's more important than ever to honor your body type.

[00:39:25] You can't do it. Society is telling you you can't do what your friends are telling you and you can't even do what you think is best. And tell, you know, the one thing that will c…

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