Annie Needs Help Leaving An Abusive Job
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[00:01:12] So today I'm talking to Annie. Annie, where in the world are you.

[00:01:16] annie: [00:01:16] I am in

[00:01:17] dane: [00:01:17] Fort worth, Texas. And what's your big goal for this call

[00:01:20] annie: [00:01:20] to get some actionable steps to help me get out of my current working situation.

[00:01:27] dane: [00:01:27] How do you feel about your job?

[00:01:28] annie: [00:01:28] I feel really apathetic. Like every day I'm like super anxious on my way in.

[00:01:32] And then while I'm there, I'm feeling apathetic and neither of those are characteristics I've ever really had and it's really kind of bringing me down. So I'm ready to. Make some big changes.

[00:01:42] dane: [00:01:42] You are feeling apathetic. That's an interesting word. I don't hear that often. What does that feel like for you?

[00:01:49] annie: [00:01:49] Oh soul sucking cause I want to do well and it'd be helpful and be part of a team or whatever it is, but I don't feel like I'm valued and [00:02:00] so I kind of lose my drive to have my normal approach, I guess.

[00:02:06] dane: [00:02:06] How's that for you to share?

[00:02:09] annie: [00:02:09] It's fine. That's my reality at the moment.

[00:02:12] dane: [00:02:12] You don't feel valued at your work?

[00:02:14] What sort of situations create that feeling?

[00:02:17] annie: [00:02:17] There's a new dynamic at work. There's a new chef.

[00:02:20] dane: [00:02:20] It's a catering business. Okay.

[00:02:23] annie: [00:02:23] And he and I have, I don't know, pretty different approaches when it comes to food. And I don't know. I have a master's degree in it. Not making food, but food studies, I'm feeling like they don't take any of my knowledge into consideration, and so I just want to remove myself from that place.

[00:02:38] dane: [00:02:38] Thank you for sharing this, I think is important to be seen. How would it feel just for you to have a clear articulation around it? I do not feel respected for my competence or listened to for my knowledge at work. I see that impact on you pretty heavy. It might be really healing to say and get real clear, so it's.

[00:02:58] A very clear dynamic. Do you want to try and put words to it? That land?

[00:03:03] annie: [00:03:03] Yeah. Um, those that you just used pretty accurate.

[00:03:06] dane: [00:03:06] Just for your own catharsis. Why don't you try and say it out loud so your own ears hear it so you can finally put words to what's been going on with clear language.

[00:03:16] annie: [00:03:16] So I don't feel heard or respected at work and it makes me want to hide

[00:03:21] dane: [00:03:21] how you're feeling safe, wise, sharing all this right now.

[00:03:24] annie: [00:03:24] Yeah. I've done safe

[00:03:25] dane: [00:03:25] try. I don't feel respected at work.

[00:03:28] annie: [00:03:28] I don't feel respected at work.

[00:03:30] dane: [00:03:30] Just let that land. Try and say it again. I don't feel respected at work.

[00:03:35] annie: [00:03:35] I don't feel respected for work.

[00:03:37] dane: [00:03:37] Your job, you stay with us, the tears will come, the tears will pass and then it'll just be like, yeah, I don't feel respected at work and you'll just be neutral.

[00:03:43] You're like, but right now the emotions there and so we want to honor that. Let it be felt full. Let the trauma of not feeling respected at work. Yeah. I'm so sorry. Any,

[00:03:53] annie: [00:03:53] it's so real. Cause they just came from there.

[00:03:56] dane: [00:03:56] Good. I just came from work and I don't feel respected [00:04:00] there.

[00:04:00] annie: [00:04:00] I don't feel respected. I don't feel like sharing or helping, and that's where the apathy comes in.

[00:04:06] dane: [00:04:06] These feelings. I see them as a gift. The feelings you're feeling, they're very temporary, but they are very real right now. And if they feel permanent, then they feel permanent. But that's just right now. And I want you to just to let yourself just dive in, give yourself the experience. I mean, how long have you been working there?

[00:04:24] annie: [00:04:24] About a year and a half.

[00:04:25] dane: [00:04:25] Okay. So have you been allowing yourself to go into a place of work where you don't feel respected for a year and a half?

[00:04:33] annie: [00:04:33] Definitely six months,

[00:04:35] dane: [00:04:35] definitely six months, and just to let yourself connect with that. Yeah. Good. Many people go into places of work where they don't feel respect to Danny.

[00:04:42] You're not alone. Many people do not feel respected at work. You're crying for you, you're crying for me. You're crying for many people right now, but the tears come. Let them see the light of day. There was a gentlemen on one of these calls. He wanted to be an entrepreneur because. He watched his parents get attacked and demeaned in the middle of the streets in Africa by their employers.

[00:05:03] Is there anything you want to share?

[00:05:05] annie: [00:05:05] Just mean hearing that and thinking about my situation, it's like I want to be a boss. That does not treat people that way.

[00:05:12] dane: [00:05:12] I want to be a boss that does not treat people that way,

[00:05:15] annie: [00:05:15] and maybe boss is not even the right word. I just want to be a leader. I

[00:05:19] dane: [00:05:19] want to be in a position of authority so I can use it for good.

[00:05:24] That hits hard for me. Yeah. I hate what authority figures told me personally, so try that. I want to be in a place of authority to use it for good and also say, I want to make sure. Everyone feels respected.

[00:05:37] annie: [00:05:37] I want to be in a place of authority where people are respected. And what was the other part you said?

[00:05:44] Like distracted by it?

[00:05:46] dane: [00:05:46] A new thought.

[00:05:47] annie: [00:05:47] I think saying I want to be in a place of authority is kind of a new place. Even though I am a manager. It feels different.

[00:05:54] dane: [00:05:54] I want to be in the highest place of authority so that I can ensure everyone is kind, [00:06:00] listened to and respected.

[00:06:02] annie: [00:06:02] I feel like I want to help look after people in a role like that.

[00:06:05] dane: [00:06:05] What has you want to look after people.

[00:06:08] annie: [00:06:08] I was just not wanting anyone to feel like I

[00:06:09] dane: [00:06:09] do. And how do you feel?

[00:06:12] annie: [00:06:12] Pretty important.

[00:06:14] dane: [00:06:14] Just let that wash over you. It's very simple, unimportant.

[00:06:19] annie: [00:06:19] Know that I am important, but I feel unimportant in that workspace. I don't wish that on anyone.

[00:06:25] dane: [00:06:25] So let yourself swim in it cause it's there until it's not.

[00:06:30] I feel unimportant and I want you to picture that chef feel small. You feel, feel the desire to hide, as you said, picture him and those listening you probably got bosses you don't like, or if you had situations where don't, you can easily join us. But in your case handy, you just picture the person and say, I see a lot important here.

[00:06:52] annie: [00:06:52] Yeah. I feel an important here. It's not just the chef. There's the general manager that I guess I feel like the two of them have kind of boxed me out since they hired him and I'm the one talking to all the clients trying to sell the food, and I feel. So uninclined to try to sell his food. It's like, sorry, you can't say hello to me when you walk in in the morning and I say hello to you then why should I try to sell your food?

[00:07:15] Sorry, I just don't feel any respect and I feel like with the other. Manager, she's seeing it happen, but not doing anything about it. And you feel apathetic, like, okay, good luck. You can find someone to replace me

[00:07:31] dane: [00:07:31] and we want to get you to a place of that where it's. Not necessarily with anger, but you leave with kindness.

[00:07:39] So there's not any subtle bridges that are kind of left, like you want to leave every place better than you found it. So you leave with kindness for yourself. So that dis becomes, I've decided. And I've been thinking about this for six months, did this time for me to move on, and I'm [00:08:00] happy to help you find a replacement

[00:08:01] annie: [00:08:01] and train them

[00:08:02] dane: [00:08:02] and train them.

[00:08:04] But I know my time here is complete. And then when they say, why or how do you know? What would you say?

[00:08:11] annie: [00:08:11] They don't feel respected? And

[00:08:13] dane: [00:08:13] what if they listened to that and started respecting you what you want to stay. Okay. Right. So it's not true. That's not why you're leaving.

[00:08:21] annie: [00:08:21] Okay. Well, I can't see myself on my bosses position.

[00:08:24] I can't see myself on the owner's position, so there's no growth for me right

[00:08:28] dane: [00:08:28] now. Clear. Done. Okay. And when you know, you know, you give them any sort of string or reason. No, I

[00:08:37] annie: [00:08:37] don't want to do that.

[00:08:39] dane: [00:08:39] Yeah. So walk me through how you'd say that.

[00:08:44] annie: [00:08:44] I would probably start out by thanking them being gracious for the job and the opportunity that I have had with them, but them my time is that because I would like to grow and hopefully in another industry, not from beverage and yeah, that I'm.

[00:09:02] More than happy to help them up until March 1st I'm going to give him a date. Can't drag me along any further to find someone and train them so I can be on my way.

[00:09:12] dane: [00:09:12] So now here's where we're going to get really honest. We want to look at and see if you can touch and feel the area where you don't respect yourself.

[00:09:21] annie: [00:09:21] Oh yeah.

[00:09:22] dane: [00:09:22] And this is why we can't be too angry at them cause they're mirrors. They're just showing you. You're doing very good. Just all we need to do is you just be friend. That feeling, you feel that, just let it be here. Something shift that quick, something shifted there.

[00:09:39] annie: [00:09:39] I know that I. Put in more. Okay.

[00:09:42] So in October, specifically, my boss told me she wanted to hit me multiple times because she was frustrated with me and I was just trying to get my job done and get out of the way so I could go on about my life. She told me this in my year review with my boss, [00:10:00] the owner, like she's my friend or she was my friend, and instead of telling me like, I was really frustrated with you last week.

[00:10:07] She told me in front of the owner in my yearly review that she wanted to hit me. And I don't ever want to be in a place where people even feel comfortable using those words. Cause that's not any of my personality to even say hurtful things like that. Let alone week have any motivation behind it. I mean, I understand that I probably was not approachable that week.

[00:10:28] I had a gig that meant I had band practice. I was selling my jewelry on the weekend, so I had personal life things happening and I still showed up more than my 40 hours a week to do my job. And I got frustrated with the chef because he would just leave whenever he wanted and then the rest of us would have to carry his weight.

[00:10:47] And it just felt like an extra burden. So I know that I was not particularly pleasant to be around, but that's because I want to make sure I'm doing my job the best that I can. And I don't let my coworkers down, totally. My people down and I show up for my band. I show up for myself, so in my jewelry and I don't, she said she wanted to hit me.

[00:11:07] And I've closed off since then.

[00:11:09] dane: [00:11:09] Yeah, I'm really sorry to hear that. That's completely unacceptable, and I think I said something about you can't be too angry at them because they're reflecting to you, but when it gets to that level of, I'm sorry if, I

[00:11:22] annie: [00:11:22] mean, I think you're right. I don't want to leave angry.

[00:11:25] They have provided me a lot. Opportunity and growth, and I am grateful for them, but I mean, at that point it made me realize that I don't want to be there anymore.

[00:11:35] dane: [00:11:35] Yeah. So here's what I want you to hear. She said she wanted to hit you immediately. What I want to say, and I don't know if this is the right thing to say, but I'm not perfect, right?

[00:11:44] I'm just, this is what I want to say is you are not a victim. You are not, and you don't need to be, and you don't need to be scared that she said she wanted to hit you. Because if she comes at you and tries to hit you, you could stiff arm her nose [00:12:00] with your hand.

[00:12:01] annie: [00:12:01] I'm also like eight inches taller than her, so I'm not afraid of her.

[00:12:06] And she's, you know, the boss, I told him right after that, and he was like, he made us sit down and have a talk the next morning. And she was like, it was a metaphor. I didn't, you know, I don't actually mean to hurt you, but that's not a metaphor

[00:12:17] dane: [00:12:17] for us. She was condescending. No wonder it was

[00:12:20] annie: [00:12:20] like, Oh, she says that sort of thing about the chefs are like the old chefs all the time, so he didn't think anything of it.

[00:12:25] dane: [00:12:25] So I want you to do so. I want you to go back to that scene and I want you to picture you have self-respect. Now I want you to picture yourself respect, and I want you to look at them and I want you to say. Thank you. I am done here.

[00:12:43] annie: [00:12:43] I feel like that's about all I'm really wanting to give them.

[00:12:45] dane: [00:12:45] So go to the scene where they're like, she does this and she does this.

[00:12:48] And I was a metaphor. This is a metaphor that that is absolutely unacceptable to someone who completely respects themselves. Once they learn self-respect, they won't even try to buy into what they say. You won't even try to explain, you won't, but this is this, and this is this, and this is this. You'll see, you'll see that they are just not capable at that time and may never be capable of actually accommodating or listening.

[00:13:12] They're not flexible, they're arrogant, they're shut off, they're insensitive. And it's not a place for a heart like here's to grow. And none of those things would be very useful to say to them. Can you feel some self respect for yourself in this moment?

[00:13:27] annie: [00:13:27] Yeah, I do that. I even feel respect for sticking around through the holidays cause I'm the person that talked to all the clients.

[00:13:34] Like I respect the relationship I have with the clients and with my

[00:13:37] dane: [00:13:37] coworkers. Good. Good luck. What I want to focus on with you. Unless you really feel you need to share that.

[00:13:43] annie: [00:13:43] I feel like that was self-respect by respecting others that weren't hurting me,

[00:13:47] dane: [00:13:47] in my opinion. It's a muddy area. It's their business, it's their customers that you're kind of like maybe codependently bonding yourself to and taking responsibility for whatever is going on, but like we want to get you in the [00:14:00] realm of radical self-respect, like radical self responsibility.

[00:14:04] Like, you're not a victim, you're not. And if someone tries to hurt you, you can either hurt them back. You could defend yourself however you respond, like you don't hurt them back on purpose. But if they come at you and you have to some kind of force, maybe you learn jujitsu so you know how to like take them out without hurting them.

[00:14:19] Too bad. Yeah. Where do you feel self respect for yourself in your nervous system right now?

[00:14:26] annie: [00:14:26] Yeah, it's in my chest,

[00:14:27] dane: [00:14:27] Jeff. All right, so now I want you to feel that. Got it. And I want you to let that say, when they say, she says this all the time, and she says this all the time, and that vibration in your chest probably says, this place is not for me.

[00:14:41] So look them both in the eye and say that out loud. This place is not for me.

[00:14:47] annie: [00:14:47] Yeah. This place is not for me.

[00:14:49] dane: [00:14:49] Thank you. And goodbye. Go ahead,

[00:14:52] annie: [00:14:52] Tanya. This place is not for me. I'm grateful for my time here, but. And moving on.

[00:14:58] dane: [00:14:58] If you say, I'm grateful for my time here, followed by a, but is there a more honest phrase you might want to say there?

[00:15:04] Like, you don't have to be perfect. You can, like, what's the vibration here want to say on the chest?

[00:15:09] annie: [00:15:09] I still get the feeling that I'm grateful, but I'm moving on.

[00:15:12] dane: [00:15:12] Cool. Okay. So, well, we want to just look at then is where you weren't respecting yourself. And if we're honest about that and which we were. And you're able to feel that you weren't respecting yourself.

[00:15:23] You'll see how you created and then stayed in the situation. It was created by you and you stayed. And this is the level of responsibility that could get you punched in the face depending on who you're talking to. And it's something to be pretty gentle about because as soon as you're like, Oh crap, I chose to stay.

[00:15:42] I chose to work there. I did create this. I did choose to do jewelry and band and all this, and so my performance suffer, but I still showed up. And so I did create anger in someone. There's no way she should ever threaten physical abuse, but like you can actually see, Whoa.

[00:16:02] [00:16:00] If you'd like to hang out with people reading the start from zero book, listening to the start from zero podcasts, listening to the book on tape and build businesses with them and do it with people together. Visit start from forward slash starters.

[00:16:21] And then when you actually see that and connect with it like I think you are right now, it's very likely to never happen again. Or if as soon as it does, you're like, Oh, I remember this. Okay, so now that we're kind of get you energetically articulated and growing, how does your heart feel in this moment compared to when we started.

[00:16:38] annie: [00:16:38] A little more confidence. Stronger.

[00:16:41] dane: [00:16:41] Wow. That's nice. It's a little more confident. Stronger. It's only been 30 minutes. Yeah. Well we did. We, you know, we just honored feelings and we got clear on dynamics. We put words to the dynamics. I don't feel respected at work. I don't feel safe.

[00:16:59] annie: [00:16:59] I stayed too long. That was my choice.

[00:17:02] dane: [00:17:02] That's a very, very empowering thing to see. It would be good to channel that into entrepreneurship. So what are some of the easiest, fastest ways you can make money right away? You to jewelry. What else?

[00:17:15] annie: [00:17:15] I have some people that are interested in Facebook ads.

[00:17:19] dane: [00:17:19] I stoke to good business

[00:17:21] annie: [00:17:21] and I feel really called to it.

[00:17:22] dane: [00:17:22] I was going to say that before the call even started, I was like, yeah, you should probably do. Digital Facebook advertising. Yeah.

[00:17:28] annie: [00:17:28] I feel really called to it.

[00:17:30] dane: [00:17:30] What's that feel like? How do you feel called to it?

[00:17:31] annie: [00:17:31] It feels like freedom in a way, like being able to work from a computer, from anywhere. It's something that I've always wanted and I can see that in it, and I also can see that I'm competent and creative and I can execute.

[00:17:44] dane: [00:17:44] Yeah. That's amazing. So let's explore some niche markets for you to go on Facebook and let's just revisit. The fundamental like spine of a business to work from. So it's, you know, a customer uses a mechanism to get [00:18:00] a result, and you could also evolve it to say a customer wants a result. So we use a mechanism.

[00:18:05] Yeah. So are there any particular customer markets you're drawn to?

[00:18:09] annie: [00:18:09] Yeah, real estate. Wholesale, real estate, housing flipping situations. I have a few people in my network that are interested in doing it though I'm a little cautious because I wonder should I be approaching people that are already doing it versus people that are trying to enter the market?

[00:18:28] Do you have an opinion on that?

[00:18:30] dane: [00:18:30] You want to approach people that are already doing it versus newbies. Yeah. Yeah. So, okay. A very good prerequisite. I'm really excited to tell you this is, you want to work with people that would be successful without you. Yeah, that's it.

[00:18:44] annie: [00:18:44] Okay, cool.

[00:18:45] dane: [00:18:45] And within that, there's people that have things, the things that are working, and there's people that have things that don't.

[00:18:50] Most people in the business space where they teach people business. Try to help people in the starting phase and then they end up burning out and then they start working with businesses that are making 10 grand a month or more. Because if you find a business that's making 10 grand a month or more, they're past that really messy phase.

[00:19:08] Figuring out something that works as soon as something works. There are some people that I know that if they found a $10,000 business in 60 days, they could probably make it a hundred thousand a month, you know, because they add a backend, they expand the lead sources. They add multiple products, whatever they do.

[00:19:25] So pretty standard system, most difficult things to figure out are first getting attention, but then also getting something working. Fortunately, I think I've been able to figure that phase out. So I do like helping do like working with people that are starting right. Check this out though. So I've got the book coming out right.

[00:19:43] And so it's called start from zero. Build a lucrative business. And it's wonderful for folks like yourself that are like, I don't feel respected at my job and I want to quit. But on some level, your identity identified still with being an employee. So there's an identification switch to [00:20:00] entrepreneur that can take years, can take weeks, could take however long it takes.

[00:20:04] So if I give that book to a complete beginner, I'd say if they're absolutely green and they've never done entrepreneurship before, I'd say in two years they'd have the structures. These are people that entrepreneurship is not working for that same book. Start from zero. I could give to a business owner that doesn't love their business anymore, and they can apply to start from zero thinking and framework and reboot their business and probably fall in love with it in about 30 days.

[00:20:29] Because you know, they're already identified as an entrepreneur. They don't have to make an identity shift. They've already got a business with customers that they just don't like serving. So they apply start from zero thinking to their existing customers. They're already identified as an entrepreneur in 30 days.

[00:20:41] They go really fast. That's because things are already working, sort of. That's, that's basically the example. So those are like two markets that I look at with the book, helping people make the shift from identity and learning. So when people are asking you. You say, you know, you only work with people who've done their first three wholesale deals.

[00:20:59] Right. You know, like I have requirements to work with being able to work with three to four or five wholesale deals. And you even say the reason for that is because there's so much education required into getting a deal work, and I'm specialized in helping experienced wholesalers get more leads flow.

[00:21:12] Yeah. Cool. Okay. What other niches are there do you thinking about

[00:21:16] annie: [00:21:16] farm guy that wants help, but I'm not really sure how. Lucrative. That would be

[00:21:21] dane: [00:21:21] only one way to find out. Yeah, you want to acquire, someone told me this today from a successful company, their motto in third general ethos is to acquire wisdom, and they acquire wisdom through rapid failure.

[00:21:36] Very hard to gain wisdom without failure. You could, you could read a book and get away with it, but you know, you get a lot of wisdom like that job you had where you didn't have the self-respect, so you stayed. You thought you respected yourself, but you really didn't. You were staying, and then you got honest about it.

[00:21:51] Like that's a pretty Epic quote unquote lesson.

[00:21:56] annie: [00:21:56] Yeah.

[00:21:57] dane: [00:21:57] Yeah. That you're like, [00:22:00] ain't gonna walk down that road again, but you failed for that wisdom.

[00:22:03] annie: [00:22:03] Yes.

[00:22:04] dane: [00:22:04] So you want to rapidly fail and the failures have to look that big. It's like you run an ad that doesn't work. You find out in 48 hours. This isn't like your identity fails and you go back to being an employee.

[00:22:15] It's like you run 10 ads, nine don't work, but you figured that out in a week.

[00:22:19] annie: [00:22:19] That's cool.

[00:22:20] dane: [00:22:20] Yeah, you might want to write this down and really reflect on it, but it's, I only have one chance to be successful and you might find where that beliefs presenting itself. I've only one chance for this ad to be successful.

[00:22:33] I have only one chance for this client to be successful. I only have one chance for my intimate relationship to be successful. No one else will love me, you know, I only have one chance to blank, blank, blank.

[00:22:44] annie: [00:22:44] That's so interesting cause I don't really feel that way. I understand my body. I know that I can just keep

[00:22:49] dane: [00:22:49] doing it.

[00:22:50] Good. Okay. If you ever find yourself having to be right the first time, or if it doesn't work, it's just remember it just in case. Okay. So urban farmer, you'll try for, you're going to find wholesale

[00:23:01] annie: [00:23:01] not making a ton of money right now.

[00:23:03] dane: [00:23:03] So that's a good first client. Is it okay? Yeah. Because you don't have any experience.

[00:23:07] What does he make as an urban farmer?

[00:23:09] annie: [00:23:09] Okay, so he's kinda got a couple of things. He builds gardens in people's houses, but do you know what a CSA is.

[00:23:15] dane: [00:23:15] I've heard of it.

[00:23:15] annie: [00:23:15] Community supported agriculture, so it's like a farmer grows vegetables and then weekly people in the neighborhood or whatever can go pick up their basket of vegetables.

[00:23:24] They pay to have these organically grown vegetables in season. You know, all kinds of reasons. So in the past he's realized that the CSS have brought him good money, but he is kind of let that fall off the wagon and he wants to get more people in the CSA. So that's what I'm imagining trying to help him with.

[00:23:42] dane: [00:23:42] Yeah. You don't need to knock it out of the park right away. I think he's a good client to practice with. If you don't make any money for him or you experience. If you do it, you get results. That's true. To share and like I would just work for him with trade. Like you have them give you some food and you'll do his ads.

[00:23:58] annie: [00:23:58] Yeah. Okay, cool.

[00:24:00] [00:24:00] dane: [00:24:00] Yeah, you go, what else you got?

[00:24:03] annie: [00:24:03] I have a lot of friends that make jewelry or make products and they sell it markets, but you know, jumping to that next level is a little intimidating. I have a friend that grows herbs and makes them into oils and tinctures that she puts on your skin and whatever.

[00:24:17] She's ready to take it to the next level, but I'm honestly a little nervous that like if I got her a bunch of people coming her way, would she be able to keep up with it? And is that my concern or not? I mean, he's my friend, so I do care, but should I try to use her as a

[00:24:30] dane: [00:24:30] guest? Say it's only one way to find out there too.

[00:24:32] Yeah. You know, like you paused the ads. If she can't do it, it's like if she can't handle the orders, you click pause on the ads.

[00:24:39] annie: [00:24:39] That's cool. Yeah. Think about it that way.

[00:24:42] dane: [00:24:42] Yeah. Try and break her. Be like, so how many orders day can you handle? She's like, 15 like, okay, 16 orders per day. We're going to

[00:24:49] annie: [00:24:49] figure it

[00:24:50] dane: [00:24:50] out.

[00:24:51] You're like, all right. You asked for it. You asked to be wealthy and successful as a business owner, so I actually, I guess you can see you really don't want to do you. You just want to make your products. You don't actually care about being big and successful, you might find it. We'll see.

[00:25:06] If you'd like to learn how to make money and you need a path to do it, visit start from and you'll see a whole context of how you can actually get started. There's a three phase process that you can go through. If you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, go there. It'll tell you exactly what to do, where to go, and how to get started, and you don't need money for some of the options.

[00:25:28] And if you do have money. Combined some of the other options. It's all laid out for you with crystal clear where do you go and what do you do? You'll find out there,

[00:25:43] you know, a lot of technicians that are gifted at a craft think they want to be more successful than they end up making a hundred bottles a day or something, and then you're like, well, you outsourced the bottles. They're like, but that's really what I want to do. I want to make the thing, and then you're like, well, then keep going to your craft shows.

[00:25:57] Or figure out if there's other ways to go. [00:26:00] So the thing with selling jewelry or oils is that it makes me nervous.

[00:26:07] annie: [00:26:07] I know. It kinda makes me nervous too. I mean, the wholesale stuff, like I'm aware that those guys can make $20,000 on one deal. So that would be really easy to ask for money for my time. Right.

[00:26:18] Whereas my friends that are selling smaller things,

[00:26:21] dane: [00:26:21] honestly, we would stay away from him and you could find out through firsthand experience if you should or not, the guy. So what we'll do is we're going to try and run ads. I'm, we're gonna spend a hundred dollars on ads and we're going to see if we can sell any of your product.

[00:26:33] If we can, we'll continue. If we can't, we'll, we won't. And then be good experience, right? Then you can say what, so ask them what their most popular and profitable product is and then just try to sell that. Don't try to sell anything else. There was one woman, she had a whole clothing line. All this fancy clothes that women could wear in her biggest, most profitable seller was leggings,

[00:26:55] annie: [00:26:55] I believe,

[00:26:56] dane: [00:26:56] black leggings, and she said she makes the most on them and sells the most.

[00:27:00] She loves to make her fancy clothes. It's like, well, you could just sell leggings and make a lot more money and work a lot less.

[00:27:10] annie: [00:27:10] Nope.

[00:27:11] dane: [00:27:11] Okay. That's funny. I'm oversimplifying the dynamics. That may be a lot more things going on in that business. It's a good example of like, you work real hard on things and don't make a lot of money and you can work real little and make a lot.

[00:27:24] Because you don't get to decide what works, you know? And that's a big lesson in my book that comes out soon as that we don't get to decide what works, Annie. So that's why we say there's only one way to find out. There was a guy that did a bunch of data and you found that takes 250 attempts to find a billion dollar unicorn

[00:27:41] annie: [00:27:41] businesses or

[00:27:43] dane: [00:27:43] products.

[00:27:43] That's if you know what you're doing, like you have teams and you're successfully launching, you'll launch 250 to find your billion dollar unicorn. And he's like, and you can't guess, you really can't, and you try to, you'll probably be wrong. You just don't know. One and 250 so what does that mean? Rapidly fail and a hundred of those [00:28:00] 250 will succeed.

[00:28:01] Like four out of 10 succeed. One out of 250 or a billion dollar unicorn, four out of 10 succeed. Four to 10 like you're making millions, like you're making a two to five X return at four to 10 but one and 250 make a 50 X return. Right? You don't know. So how would you ever figure that out?

[00:28:19] annie: [00:28:19] You just keep trying.

[00:28:20] Yes.

[00:28:22] dane: [00:28:22] So customer wants results, you use mechanism. So what results do wholesalers want?

[00:28:27] annie: [00:28:27] They want leads to people who want to get out of the house that they

[00:28:29] dane: [00:28:29] own, but what would getting leads to a house that they want to own? Give them. They want more than leads. What's the real result they want? It's like a professional athlete.

[00:28:39] What result does he want more than anything else? He wants flexibility, strength, speed. But those are all like Leeds. What does a professional athlete really, really want?

[00:28:48] annie: [00:28:48] I have no

[00:28:49] dane: [00:28:49] idea. I'll come on and think about it. You're a professional athlete

[00:28:53] annie: [00:28:53] to win,

[00:28:56] dane: [00:28:56] to win, done professional athlete. What do you want more than anything to compete and win?

[00:29:02] You could ask them. They might have something different, but it's a safe assumption. Yeah. Okay. Very simple. Right? So the toasters don't really want leads, like you could actually innovate if you get this. What result is a wholesaler want?

[00:29:15] annie: [00:29:15] Well, it seems like just well, money. I don't know.

[00:29:18] dane: [00:29:18] Hey, yeah,

[00:29:21] annie: [00:29:21] he's the money, which would be what they really want it for.

[00:29:24] dane: [00:29:24] Yes. Oh my gosh. Now you're leaning into really innovative territory and you'll be one of the only marketers, believe it or not, other marketers don't know this. You'll be like, one of the only marketers that knows this is about their child's college tuition. You can charge more money when you get connected to deeper purposes like that and they want to pay it.

[00:29:43] They're like, yeah, and then when they do pay it, they're more serious. You know? We found if we get our price up to $3,000 minimum, people do what we tell them to do. If we're under 3000 maybe, maybe they don't log in, maybe will, as soon as they get to 3000 [00:30:00] they're like. I had somebody look at one of our courses and they're were like, sorry, it's too much money for me, and I was like, okay, good.

[00:30:05] Because I don't think he would have probably done it if the price set it up, you know, like the price is a very significant thing, like it does something. My buddy, I paid a thousand dollars to buy his course. He's a friend of mine, but I gave him a grant. I wanted to buy his course, support him, and I get a 10 minute call with him as part of the thousand dollars.

[00:30:23] I milked that 10 minute call every second I could. At the end I said, I want to buy another call. How do I get one? He's like, I'll give you one for free. I missed it. I was late. He gave me another one. I was still late, but I came. And the best intentions, like, do give me your PayPal, I need to pay you. He's like, no.

[00:30:37] It's like,

[00:30:37] annie: [00:30:37] okay,

[00:30:39] dane: [00:30:39] I missed it. If you paid a thousand dollars for a 10 minute phone call, would you make it? Yeah. Okay. So the wholesalers, what results do they want? Let's step it through and they get leads to do what? With?

[00:30:50] annie: [00:30:50] To turn around and sell it to make more money.

[00:30:53] dane: [00:30:53] So how's the process work? Wholesaling.

[00:30:54] They buy a home that's almost foreclose and flip it.

[00:30:57] annie: [00:30:57] Yeah. And they sell it to a wholesale or it's buying houses. So they're kind of like a middleman. At least the ones, the guys I know. And then they're selling it to a company that's actually going to go in and fix it up.

[00:31:08] dane: [00:31:08] I can see why this would attract a lot of newbies.

[00:31:10] The promise of easy money, all you gotta do is find it. Oh, well, that's actually the most difficult part. So finding the deal, that's actually where most of the money's probably at is like the person that has the biggest deal flow. Right. You know, so I mean, that's a group on was they were a billion dollar company for a while because they controlled the deal flow.

[00:31:31] They didn't control fulfillment and they screwed their companies over. They charge exorbitant prices and they're no longer around because they were stupid. Well, they're not long run in the same capacity. What they tell you to do, 50% off, and then they take 50% of that. So you make 25% of what you usually make and then they pay wait like 30 60 days to pay you.

[00:31:46] And I was like, and you're doing this, why as a business owner and you won't give me $300 to get you your own customers. All right. You're insane. I'm not going to work with you. Goodbye. People like wonders, like why is it so like there's [00:32:00] all businesses risky? It's really hard though. It's not. You do the basics, right?

[00:32:04] You'll be successful. You do the basics right. You'll be head and shoulders above the irrational idiots that put a business on group on take 25% delay 30 or 60 days, and they won't use that same money to try and get their own customers. There's a guy down the street as a restaurant, he's always empty. I said, Hey, would you like some help?

[00:32:20] A friend of mine does Facebook ads is like, no, no, thank you. I'm deeply saddened by this. So let's do real simple. So you want to figure out the results they want leads of homeowners that are going in foreclosure, and then they're going to get that signed to a deal and then turn around and flip it to somebody else who then rehabs it and sells it.

[00:32:40] Yeah. So they want qualified leads to make money with, to live a life of freedom. Relaxation.

[00:32:49] annie: [00:32:49] Yeah. There's one guy I'm talking to that wants to end up. Taking his business model and franchising it. So like he's got a bigger goal. But I think ultimately it's probably because of his family and his kids.

[00:33:02] dane: [00:33:02] So good.

[00:33:02] So this is how you do your advertising. Customer wants a result. So you use a mechanism. So you make no mistake in that Facebook ad. If you want to attract wholesalers, you say, have you ever thought about wholesaling? You probably think you want really good leads, but I know what you really want. I know you want a great lifestyle, so I know you don't just want any lead.

[00:33:19] You want to leave this going to make you the most money. That way you can work less and make a lot more and spend time with your family. Yeah, that's a phenomenal app that's talking about results. It's not leads, it's only part of it. So let's talk about the urban farmer. What result does he want?

[00:33:35] annie: [00:33:35] He wants to be able to pay his bills and stop working so hard as an old man.

[00:33:39] dane: [00:33:39] So good. Annie, is it? Yes. Don't get bogged down in mechanisms. And. Half results and you stay clear on results. Like, I don't understand how significant this is. I've said this before. I'll say it one more time. So Dave Ramsey is like financial guru. He's got one [00:34:00] of the biggest shows on iTunes podcasts. His big result that he sells is getting people debt-free.

[00:34:06] And if you go to his website, there's pictures of people being debt free. Results were very clear that pre, and it's not, so they can do other things. Like you could say, it's like do other things you want the result the person's really thinking about. So they might really think about, I need leads, I need leads.

[00:34:20] Any leads. Then that's what you stay with. But you know, in the back of your mind it's more so, Dave Ramsey is one of the biggest financial gurus in the world, and he's very clear, debt-free. Here's all my results. Other financial gurus aren't as big as him. You'll see they don't have as much clarity of result.

[00:34:37] Then if they do, then you start looking to Dave's marketing and how he like sold his course to churches, which was an under competitive market. Just like Facebook went to colleges, which is an under competitive market, and then they blew up. Like there's things that day that that was really genius, right?

[00:34:51] So we get to marketing at a later time, but so customer wants results, you use mechanism. Your Facebook ad says this, you talk to their customers, the urban farmers, you're going to run those ads towards moms probably who want organic food. Because

[00:35:08] annie: [00:35:08] at home moms probably.

[00:35:09] dane: [00:35:09] Yup. And they want organic food. Why?

[00:35:11] annie: [00:35:11] For their children's future health and future. Yeah.

[00:35:14] dane: [00:35:14] Okay. This is hard to make the connection and you're doing it. No, no. It's really about the organic food, but no, it's really about these results. This will change your life. It really will listen for the result, right? Ads, you're working with a business here.

[00:35:32] You're working with a customer over here. You do the same thing, and that's the fun. Good job today.

[00:35:37] annie: [00:35:37] Thank you.

[00:35:40] dane: [00:35:40] Yeah, my pleasure. So for years, people have been asking me, what's the big secret? How do I do this? And the answer is simple. My life took off when I had mentors. Too many people try to do this stuff alone and get stuck and give up.

[00:35:54] Listen, if you haven't succeeded in business or entrepreneurship yet, it's simple. You haven't failed enough yet. [00:36:00] You haven't been around enough mentors yet. If you combine failure with mentorship, you will fly. I someone say, why are so many people so more success.  how come I can't get this right? And they said, well, how many times you failed?

[00:36:12] He's like, wow. A lot of times I'm like, have you failed more than 10 times? He said, no. I was like, you haven't failed enough yet. You haven't been around. A mentor is enough. Yes, failure is how you learn. Michael Jordan has missed so many game winning shots. You've got to get out there and fail and how are you going to do that if you're all by yourself, all alone, beating yourself up in your own thoughts?

[00:36:29] Listen, I'm going to give you access to my board of advisors, my board of advisors that I talked to sometimes every day I'm going to give you access to them. Every month live for you to ask questions and get your mindset on straight. They're going to ask you questions that are hard for you to answer.

[00:36:45] Those are the kinds of people you want in your life. You're also going to get access to not only the board of advisors, but my entire community, the start from zero community, all the entrepreneurs that are practicing these things, building these businesses. You'll get access to this community and this board of advisors and much more with the new program we've launched called start from forward slash starters and you can see I use.

[00:37:08] And get access to my board of advisors and ask them anything you want. Monthly, you get automated accountability to stay focused. You get a community of other people, all building businesses with the start from zero methodology. And guess what? You get kicked out of this community if you do not take action.

[00:37:24] So it is serious people. So if you'd like access to that information about that, go to start from forward slash starters and it's about time that we get together and strengthen each other and fail together. And. Each other back up together and show each other each other's blind spots and ask the hard questions and drive each other to that golden finish line of a business that you don't have to work in a business that provides freedom.

[00:37:49] So you can sit around on a Tuesday and watch HBO if you want. All right, start from forward slash starters. [00:38:00]

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