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Skyjacks: Courier's Call
Skyjacks: Courier's Call
Paulomi Pratap, Aaron Catano-Saez, Drew Mierzejewski, Aly Grauer
Skyjacks: Courier's Call - Episode 25: Season 1 Finale
________________________________________________________ Welcome to Skyjacks: Courier's Call - Season 1! ________________________________________________________ ANNOUNCEMENTS! This is it, Couriers! The end of Season 1 of Skyjacks: Courier's Call! We wanted to thank you all for making this past year a huge success for Courier's Call. We've loved going on this adventure with you and hope you've enjoyed it as well! But be not sad, there will be more adventures with Kiran, June and Cici coming in SEASON 2. Look for more information on the Kickstarter coming very soon! If you've enjoyed the show, liked what we've done or just have feelings about this season, feel free to tell us at skyjackscourierscall@gmail.com or to leave us a review on itunes! ________________________________________________________ MORE FROM THE WORLD OF SPEIR If you want to join the Patreon to get exclusive behind the scenes content (including the soon to be uploaded June, Braith and Bobbygene flashback mission to the Red Feather outpost of _Last Breath_), please see the link below: https://www.patreon.com/oneshotpodcast If you want to get more info on the World of Speir through the Skyjacks World Zine, please see the link below: https://one-shot-podcast.itch.io/the-skyjacks-zine-vol-1 ________________________________________________________ CONTENT WARNING _Main Show: Sad Goodbyes_ ________________________________________________________ CALL TO ACTION Buy Stamps and other Merchandise to help the USPS: https://store.usps.com/store/home If you are over the age of 18 in the United States, thank you so much for registering to vote and Voting! ________________________________________________________ TALK TO YOUR KIDS Courier's Call does not condone racism, hate or bigotry of any kind. We stand with Black Lives Matters on these issues and call upon everyone to demand changes to have all people stand on equal footing. No one deserves to be afraid or persecuted for just being who they are. If you wish to talk to your kids about racism and its damaging effects, this is a good resource. As is this. Courier's Call features non-binary gendered characters. If you are not familiar with non-binary genders or neutral pronouns, this is a good resource for for talking about those concepts with your kids! A section of Season 1 of Courier's Call deals with the kidnapping of a child. While our story may be fictional fantasy, this issue is one that is very real in our world. Talk to your kids about child abduction, what they and you can do to stay safe and be alert. If you need help and/or resources, please check out more information here. ________________________________________________________ Join Our Mailing List Interact with us online! _Twitter:_ @couriercall _Instagram:_ @skyjackscourierscall Official Art by Jessica Kuczynski @AngryArtist113 on Twitter * Sound effects for this episode were pulled from freesound.org under a creative commons zero attribution license
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