Vedic Worldview
Vedic Worldview
May 5, 2020
Fear and Fearlessness - The Pinnacle of the Development of Human Consciousness
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Thom Knoles discusses the state of fearlessness, how all fear is based on something unreal and how to learn to transcend fear and yet be fully participating in life. Living a life in fear is worse than death. Fearlessness is the pinnacle of the development of human consciousness. Through the regular practice of Vedic Meditation, we achieve it spontaneously.


Episode Highlights: 

[00:39] The One Standard of a Life of Significance

[02:38] Fear Isn’t Based on Reality

[04:59] On Death and Dying

[13:48] Immortality Removes Fear

[16:29] The Long Dream

[24:54] Expanding Consciousness

[28:49] The Death Cascade

[31:39] Transcending the Story Through Vedic Meditation

[37:06] Beginning an End to a Sense of Fear

[41:13] (Don’t) Go Jump Off a Cliff!

[42:58] Wisdom Hair

[44:42] The Changing Face of Fear

[47:50] Consciousness is the Source of the Body

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