Vedic Worldview
Vedic Worldview
Sep 20, 2021
Vedic Meditation and Mantras
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Mantras are central to the practice of Vedic Meditation, but different understandings about what the word mantra means sometimes lead people to misunderstand how the mantra is used.

For some, the word mantra means ‘a slogan’ or a tagline of sorts, used as a way of encapsulating a group point of view. For others, a mantra is a tool to aid concentration or to use as an affirmation.

In Vedic Meditation the use of the mantra is very different. To understand this difference, you need to understand the distinction between ‘charm’ and suggestibility, which Thom explains simply and beautifully in this podcast episode

Episode Highlights: 

[00:40] Mantra - A Mind Vehicle 

[01:47] Bija Mantra

[03:26] Attraction and Distraction

[04:52] Beyond Meaning

[05:47] Hypnosis and Suggestibility

[07:05] Suggestibility is a Social Problem

[07:59] Becoming Less Suggestible

[08:42] Using the Intellect in the Proper Way

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