Vedic Worldview
Vedic Worldview
Jan 3, 2021
The Crisis of Governance and Your Role in Its Resolution
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We hear a lot about the problems of governance, whether it be government at the highest level, or the administrators of smaller bodies in society, schools, businesses, etc.

In this episode, Thom explains that the crisis of governance is not with ‘the government’ or whatever other body is ‘in charge’, but rather with our view that ‘they’ are the problem, and that there is little or nothing ‘we’ can do about it.

The Vedic worldview is that everything is structured in consciousness, including governments, and the only way to effect change is to effect consciousness.

Thom shares that governments reflect the consciousness of the people, even in a dictatorship, and so our own role is to take responsibility for our own consciousness, and to be an example, an exemplar, for others to do the same. This is the only way in which governance can improve and the crisis can be resolved.

Of course, Vedic Meditation, being the most efficient means to bring about a change in consciousness, has a role to play in this process. 

Here are some highlights from the episode, which you can listen to via the player, or read via the transcript, below.

Episode Highlights: 

[01:58] A Reflection of the Average State of Consciousness 

[04:00] The Crisis of Identity - Self and ‘Other’

[07:57] Self Sufficiency Is the Seed of Revolution

[15:11] Dependence of the Individual Leads to Dependence On Government

[17:38] Spreading Self Sufficiency By Example

[21:01] The Ideal Individual Is the Basis of Ideal Government

[21:41] Vedic Meditation Produces Ideal Individuals

[27:06] The Spreader Effect - 1% of the Population Leading the Way Through Vedic Meditation

[29:59] Individual Peace is the Basis of World Peace

[33:14] Social Change is Not Going to Come From the Top Down

[36:14] The First Science - The Science of Self Discovery

[40.32] Challenge Your Assumptions About What is Possible

[43:28] Self Realization + Action = Self Actualization 

[48:29] All Suffering is Based on Inaccurate Expectations

Jai Guru Deva.

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