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Vedic Worldview
Feb 28, 2021
Death is Not Real
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As Vedic meditators we regularly experience evidence of being more than just a physical body.  We can use this to our benefit when it comes to tackling the subject of death, or even tackling death itself; our own or the death of a loved one.

In our twice-daily practice of Vedic Meditation, the connection we experience in The Absolute, the Unified Field of Consciousness, reminds us that we are consciousness having a human experience rather than just a human body experiencing consciousness and thinking.  It’s an important paradigm shift that can transform our view of the world

In this podcast, Thom explains in great detail why “death” is unreal and how we can eliminate the fear of death, through knowledge, experience and practice.

He explains the function of love, the structure of our ‘bodies’ (the physical body is just one of many we have), enlightenment and more.

This is a masterclass in life and death that you will want to return to again and again.

Episode Highlights: 

[00:48] The Mysteries of Life and Death

[01:58] The Meaning of Death

[03:05] Maya - Keeping Up Appearances

[04:47] Nirvana - Liberation

[06:31] Same, Same.  But Different.

[08:20] True Love

[09:52] Unification Through Diversity

[11:04] Consciousness Embodied

[12:58] The Unified Field of Consciousness

[15:42] The Transcendent

[17:22] Ritam Bhara Pragya

[18:44] Life, the Universe and Everything

[20:13] The Death Sequence

[22:04] The Purpose of Life

[23:16] Who Are You?

[24:33] Our Shared Agenda

[25:56] What Does This All Mean?

[27:11] Defying Entropy

[28:54] Transcendence is the Answer

[30:37] The Bliss of Being

[32:04] Ou Absolute Baseline

[33:47] More Than Meets The I

[35:13] Enlightenment

[35:55] Not a Body-Dependent Phenomenon

[37:40] A Succession of Nervous Systems

[40:02] Unity Consciousness

[41:57] Compassion - Understanding Through Direct Experience

[40:03] The New Status Quo

[44:39] Dropping the Body

[45:02] Letting Go of Grief

[47:32] Maya Koshas

[49:09] Ananda Maya Kosha

[50:15] Hridaya Maya Kosha

[51:20] A Lifeless Body

[52:56] Continuation of Experience

[54:35] Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

[55:57] Loving More Than a Body

[58:38] Feeling Left Out

[01:00:02] Longevity is Fatal

[01:01:28] Heaven on Earth

[01:02:50] Knowledge Eliminates Fear

[01:04:04] The End of the Human Body

[01:05:00] Make Hay While the Sun Shines

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