Vedic Worldview
Vedic Worldview
Oct 10, 2021
Emotional Healing, Comparison Thinking, Feeling Emotions
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We are always striving to attain more and more in our lives. But, every now and again, we get the impression that we haven't done enough with our time. No amount of accomplishment is capable of bringing us fulfilment. And, it's also not a bad thing to have a lot of achievements on your scoreboard.

But, more importantly, are we truly enjoying the process or simply trying to finish the race? Unfortunately, even after winning, we often postpone our celebrations until we reach the pinnacle of achievement.

In this Ask Me Anything session, Thom Knoles explains why it is critical to enjoy the process of achieving something and how we cannot fail when we are enjoying the process. Thom also tells how we can experience the natural expression of our emotions.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] - Q - What is the Vedic Worldview of Emotional Healing?

[01:12] - De-Exciting the Consciousness

[01:54] - Making the Healing Process Rapid

[03:08] - Vedic Meditation is Good for Emotional Healing

[04:19] - Vedic Meditation Awakens Your Brain's Power

[05:53] - The Removal of Stress

[07:28] - Q - How Should We Evaluate Our Accomplishments?

[07:44] - The Process is the Outcome

[08:59] - Baseline Happiness

[10:03] - The Problem of Collective Consciousness

[10:55] - The Best Way to Feel Emotions Without Stuffing Them

[11:22] - We Avoid Mood Making

[12:13] - Establishing Inner Awareness

[13:26] - Becoming Fearless

[14:34] - Paying Attention to the Body Sensations

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