Know Your Enemy
Know Your Enemy
Nov 28, 2020
Talking Trump (w/ David Roth)
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Who is Donald Trump? The great David Roth, co-owner of Defector Media and a columnist at the New Republic, joins Matt and Sam to answer that harrowing question. From Trump's odd lies about his baseball talents to creepy White House Christmas decorations, this conversation was the perfect opportunity to unpack the neuroses, self-protective measures, cruelty, humor, and sheer weirdness of a terrible president on his way out of office. Also: Sam finally gets to do his Melania "impression"!

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For more of David's writing on Trump, check out his author archives at the New Republic...and don't forget to support Know Your Enemy on Patreon to listen to our extensive catalogue of bonus episodes!



Citations Needed
Citations Needed
Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson
Episode 128 - The “Healing” Con: How Warm and Fuzzy Appeals for "Unity" Are Used to Protect Power
"Biden Calls For Hope And Healing In Speech," NPR reports. "Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls for return to Sept. 11 unity," writes The Chicago Tribune. Following the 2014 Ferguson protests, a CNN headline read, "Obama: Now is the time for peace, healing." "Filmmaker Ken Burns aims for healing with new documentary about Vietnam War," the San Diego Union-Tribune has told us. Everywhere we turn columnists, celebrities, pundits, and politicians are insisting we have "unity," "come together," promote "peace" and work to "heal the divisions."   On its face these concepts sound fine enough: after all, who doesn’t like peace? Unity sounds great! Who wouldn't want to "heal" our wounds? Wounds are bad! But in the majority of political contexts, these warm and fuzzy buzzwords rush past the messy and difficult work of justice, substantive change, or reparations and get straight to the part where everyone just feels good about themselves.   In a world where 2100 billionaires hoard more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 percent of the planet’s population, where billions live in abject poverty, what do concepts like peace mean? After an administration that has carried out deliberate policies of ethnic cleaning at the U.S border, what does unity entail? In a country that has leveled much of the Middle East, Korea, Vietnam, and overthrown numerous democracies in Latin America, what does healing involve? Without concrete policies of accountability, restitution, restoration and reparation, squishy liberal notions of "unity" and "healing" achieve little more than protecting the status quo.   This isn’t a unique problem: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously reminded white liberals that "True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice," a point he made literally hundreds of times in his years of advocacy to a handwringing media insisting everyone just calm down and go home and let the lawyers at the Department of Justice take care of things.   Nevertheless the problem persist decades later: time and again, before there's been any concrete changes, policy proposals, or restitution to victims of injustice, those in power evoke abstract notions of "healing," "unity" and "peace" to shut up activists and act as of it the work is done right before pivoting back to business as usual.   On this week's episode we will examine the origins of the concepts of "unity" as a political PR gambit, detail how concepts of "healing" which can are very useful in grassroots and interpersonal psychological contexts have been cynically appropriated by those in power, and breakdown how media consumers can avoid the shallow allure of "peace" and "unity" rhetoric in the face of routine, everyday racism, violence, exploitation, and injustice.   Our guest is Lara Kiwani, Executive Director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC).
1 hr 5 min
The Katie Halper Show
The Katie Halper Show
Katie Halper
Exposing A Fake "Left Wing #BLM Activist" At Capitol Riot w/ Max Blumenthal
PATREON ONLY EP A man named Jonathan Sullivan appeared on The Katie Halper Show last week after appearing on Anderson Cooper to talk about the storming of the Capitol and the fatal shooting of one of the rioters, which he not only witnessed but filmed. Sullivan presented himself to Cooper, The Washington Post, Chris Hayes, Katie and more as a "Civil Rights Activist," Black Lives Matter supporter, who was documenting the riot and trying to diffuse the situation. In fact, Katie was introduced to Sullivan by another guest on the show, filmmaker Dan Cohen, who arrived at the Capitol right after the shooting. During the show, Katie realized Sullivan wasn't exactly what he presented himself as to Cohen and others. One of the people she shared her concerns with was journalist and frequent guest Max Blumenthal (, who was also covering the Capitol breach. Katie and Max reviewed the footage that Sullivan released later and discovered it contradicted what he said to Katie on the show. Max then took a deep dive into the bizarre story of John Sullivan, aka JaydenX, aka Activist John, interviewing not only John, but his brother, the woman making a documentary about them and actual Black Lives Matters activists who have tried to warn people that Sullivan is an instigator who puts the movement and people's lives at risk. Read Max's piece at The Grayzone ( here ( ***Please support The Katie Halper Show*** On Patreon: Follow Katie on Twitter:
42 min
The Majority Report with Sam Seder
The Majority Report with Sam Seder
Sam Seder
2508 - Trump's Second Impeachment & Christian Comedy w/ Digby, Judy Gold & James Austin Johnson
Sam and Emma host Heather "Digby" Parton (@digby56) from Hullabaloo and to discuss the new Biden administration, what's happening in the Senate, and the second coming of Donald Trump's impeachment trial. On today's show: Lindsey Graham says GOP is united in opposition to impeaching Trump, McConnell has a plan, Trump has a great legal team. Schumer announces Pelosi will deliver articles of impeachment of Donald Trump, will commence on Monday. Heather "Digby" Parton (@digby56) from Hullabaloo and joins Sam and Emma to discuss the new Biden administration, what's happening in the Senate, and the second coming of Donald Trump's impeachment trial. Comedian Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) joins the program to celebrate Trump's defeat. With special guest Donald Trump! Comedian James Austin Johnson sticks around to discuss growing up an evangelical Christian, conservative comedy, and how his Republican family members like his Trump impression. New GOP Staten Island congresswoman asked why she voted against election certification, can't come up with a coherent answer. Hannity hosts computer repairman from Delaware who serviced Hunter Biden's laptop, looks legit. Irony of Jacobin "idol Biden" cover goes over Tim Pool's head completely. Jimmy Dore is dangerously clueless re: the Boogaloo Boys. Plus, your IMs. Become a member at Check out the Brand New Majority Report Merch Shop! (Merch issues and concerns can be addressed here: The AM Quickie is now on YouTube Subscribe to the AM Quickie at Make the AMQ part of your Alexa Flash Briefing too! You can now watch the livestream on Twitch Check out today's sponsors: Quip’s new gum is actually good for your oral health, and it comes with a dispenser that’ll remind you of the one-click candy you loved as a kid. Quip Gum can help prevent cavities and freshen breath when chewed for 20 minutes after eating. It’s sugar-free, and has tooth-friendly xylitol with zero calories. If you go to right now, you can get a free plastic dispenser. sunsetlakecbd is a majority employee owned farm in Vermont, producing 100% pesticide free CBD products. Great company, great product and fans of the show! Use code Leftisbest and get 20% off at Subscribe to Discourse Blog, a newsletter and website for progressive essays and related fun partly run by AM Quickie writer Jack Crosbie. Subscribe to AM Quickie writer Corey Pein’s podcast News from Nowhere, at Check out The Nomiki Show live at 3 pm ET on YouTube at Check out Matt’s podcast, Literary Hangover, at, or on iTunes. Check out Jamie’s podcast, The Antifada, at, on iTunes, or at (streaming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm ET!) Follow the Majority Report crew on Twitter: @SamSeder @EmmaVigeland @Jamie_Elizabeth @NomikiKonst @MattLech @BF1nn
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