Coaching Business Leaders Through Change And Growth with Pete Mohr
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02:31 Developing an entrepreneur's mindset and embracing side hustling early on

07:25 Entrepreneurs are made, not born, and they find better ways of doing things

10:17 The multipreneur follows 4 P's: People, Processes, Products & Profit

14:45 Entrepreneurs need clarity to build confidence and gain momentum

19:53 Mistakes and learnings with the 4 P's: Keep testing, keep optimizing

26:11 Let go of processes that don't work to give you time

28:30 Get business partners and offer equity

31:52 Find a coach for the stage your business is actually in

37:06 Connect with Pete


08:22 "If you found yourself asking, why don't they do it this way? And that kind of stuff, as opposed to just accepting that that's the way it's done, I think those kinds of questions come out to entrepreneurs."

10:31 "I thought I would buy a franchise off the bat to kind of give me some structures and things like that that I could start off with. And from that perspective, I did."

11:31 "I need to have the structures and systems in place that allow me to have the right people in place, the processes in place, the products in place, so that I could generate the profit. And those are the four P's that I often talk about." 

16:19 "What do I think is most important? Well, I think clarity is most important. So I always start with clarity because clarity gives you confidence and confidence builds momentum."

26:28 "The sooner you let go of something that really just isn't working, the better, because it allows you then the freedom of time. And that's one thing that most entrepreneurs don't have is time."

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