On building The Best Founding Team And Other Tactical Tips For New CEOs with Nick Hughes
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  • What problem are you trying to solve in the world?
  • Just talk to business owners in the real world 
  • Know your skillset and create a team to fill the gaps
  • How to vet people for your dream team 
  • Dig into people's motivations 
  • Building a founding team is almost as serious as marriage
  • Are you in it for the long haul?
  • Track all the goals that you want to accomplish


Nick: "I like to ask, what  problem are you trying to solve in the world? That is something that everyone, if you're thinking of trying to get into business and entrepreneurship, I would encourage you to come from that angle. So it's not just like an idea in the shower."

Nick: "We empower and inspire and drive growth for entrepreneurs because this world runs because of entrepreneurship."

Nick: "Everyone is gifted in actually pretty narrow ways. But everyone has some very specific things that they probably do best in the world. I would say, first and foremost, hopefully you're able to know or discover what you're really great at and hey if you're technical, you're probably great at coding and building a product and kind of visualizing that and putting it into play. Some people are the idea people, which, that's great and fine, but you need to someone to actually build the product."

Nick: "As a leader, it's important for you to dig a little bit, because the more that you can surface from the people that want to work with you and join your team, the better you can serve them." 

Nick: "Of course, it's important to have a founding team and co-founders. But that is a very serious relationship that's a bit harder to unwind. So have that filtration process, know what you're looking for and be confident in actually saying, that's not the right time, and it's okay." 

Nick: "Look at their history. Is this person just fishing for a job and somehow create some quick income? How passionate are they about the vision and the market you're in? Do they have a past history of either working in this industry or building a product of some sort of similarity? Have they created a product before? Have they brought something to market? Do they have an exit in their history? These are things that you start filtering out. Doesn't mean that you say yes or no. You just need to know your filter."

Nick: "Have patience. Weirdly enough, success in the longevity of life is just staying in the game and waking up everyday and doing your thing. If you do that for 30 to 40 years, you will end up at the top echelon of the world because no one does anything for 40 years."

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