LET’S DO THE HUSTLE! Why Side Hustling Is The Solution With Carrie Bohlig And Craig Clickner
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Married entrepreneurs Carrie Bohlig and Craig Clickner discuss the power of side hustling, how it solves the human paradox we are all struggling with, and how it helps you live with fulfillment and create an impact. In this latest episode of Tandem Talks, Carrie and Craig will share their personal journey to side hustling, how it changed their lives, and how you can apply it to yours.


  • Finding your end of the spectrum
  • The side hustling breakthrough
  • Reasons to do side hustling
  • The roadblock misconceptions
  • Different opportunities to side hustle
  • The side business approach
  • 5 ways to side hustle skillfully


Craig: “I craved more freedom or independence, I realized they needed to divorce my time from my income so that I could wake up every day and do what I love.

Carrie: “So the challenge for people like me, it's not a lack of interest or passion or ideas, but it's narrowing in and down on what gets us closer to the life vision.”

Carrie: “Following the traditional logic of getting a good job and living happily ever after? It definitely insinuates there's one magical path. Yeah. But that's not really the case for most people in reality.”

Craig: “We basically were able to create a lifestyle where we are full-time parents and full-time entrepreneurs, and we wish this lifestyle and choice for everyone.”

Craig: “The reasons to side hustle are vast, there are so many beyond just diversifying your income you diversify your skills. You can use it to explore new passions and interests.”

Carrie: “You don't have to be passionate to start a business not just like you don't have to be passionate about your job, which many of you are not.”

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