How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Biz & Why You DO NOT Need Calendly with Nathan Flood
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02:12 Nathan's passion for side hustling and military service 

05:42 Entry to entrepreneurship after defense contracting

11:35 Time management is the biggest challenge to side hustling

16:12 Scale faster: Let go of time-consuming tasks and hire talent to grow with you

25:11 Work ethic: Know what you want so you can decide what to give up

28:03 Life hack: Add software as you fix problems, not as infrastructure 

33:16 Connect with Nathan


06:47 "I started looking at how this company was making money and everything, and I was just like, there's no reason why I need to sit here and work  for what little bit I'm working for when I can just go do this on my own."

12:59 "As we were growing, it was more of I need to book 10 a year, right? When we made that transition, then I started realizing that okay, my time is way more valuable selling than it is me working."

18:06 "You can just go out Willy-nilly and say I'm going to go get the best people or I'm going to get the cheapest people. It doesn't necessarily work that way, you've got to try to find that middle ground of getting the most out of people that are looking to grow with you." 

26:12 "You gotta figure out what you can give up and what you can't. And some people, you gotta decide what your side hustle wants to be. If you want it to just give you an extra thousand a month, there's nothing wrong with that."

29:55 "You want to look at systems that give you the most in one place, if that makes sense. So you kind of want to create this unified ecosystem. Will you be able to cover everything with one company? No, but you can get most of it."

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