Creating Your Visual Presence to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Lisa & Eric Pezik
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01:42 Teaming up and founding Infinite Design House

09:06 Obstacles in scaling: How to spend your time wisely and choose your projects

21:55 Building the mental skills to be successful in entrepreneurship

28:42 For side hustlers: Branding and content tips to get started

35:29 Deciding on the right mentor takes a mix of data and gut feel

40:41 Take ownership of your business and think big

47:02 How to connect with Lisa and Eric


10:29 "It goes back to getting really clear on the things that you and only you can do in your business. So when I do X, income, impact, joy, goes up in the business. When I do X, I don't even need to be doing X, someone else could do X or it sucks the life out of me."

11:42 "Nobody knows our content. Sure, they can. Sometimes they make it even better than you could have ever made it. But it's letting go of that control."

27:06 "I realize the way I was speaking to myself and, when you don't have self-worth and you don't value yourself, you don't charge what you're worth. You don't put yourself in rooms where you're making moves."

42:06 "We think it has to look a certain way or be a certain way and we're hoping somebody else is going to create it or someone else is going to give us the answer. You have all the tools to create whatever that thing is."

43:38 "Think massive and then just take one tiny step to starting that thinking, projecting that way."

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