Empowering Founders And Leaders To Grow Their Leadership with Meghann Conter
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02:28 The Dames: Empower more women into 7-figure and C-suite roles

08:14 Networking in an ecosystem of collaboration transforms you 

10:38 Leads groups and working with someone to align values and business models

14:49 Intuition: Harnessing this female energy for business success

21:17 Develop intuition by distinguishing mind from heart 

27:02 For new entrepreneurs: Align your business to your zone of genius

31:22 Combining feminine energy and data-driven strategies in business

36:31 Always have your litmus tests and learn to say no

42:37 A community that shares your goals and challenges create solutions together

44:47 Connect with Meghann


09:00 "Being part of an organization where you're looking for your golden geese and you then develop these long-term relationships to... cross-refer business or collaborate to create a bigger footprint or mastermind your challenges..., those fostered relationships end up being long-term, very fruitful, but also extremely nourishing for both of the women."

12:34 "In those initial stages, as you're beginning to do your work and you're beginning to work with different clients, really be paying attention to who those ideal clients are that light you up and make notes all the way along."

18:38 "I would listen to my intuition and really be guided by it and take the actions, it has never led me wrong. And I continue to do that today. And that's what really has created all kinds of opportunities for us to open up chapters internationally."

36:40 "Work in alignment with your higher vision and make sure that you've got your litmus tests that you're always using. Like, is this going to match my values? Does this make the boat go faster in terms of moving me to achieving my epic mission? If not, then I need to learn how to say no."

44:00 "The masterminding and the problem-solving and the celebrations can really transform your life and the lives of those around you. So really open up, get in community, and share what you're going through because you're definitely not alone."

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