Upgrade Your Mindset, So You Can Lead With Purpose with Joshua Miller
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01:42 Falling into coaching: How a tripping incident gave birth birth to a career

06:12 Leadership is a skill anyone can develop

08:25 Be intentional with time, energy, and presence

11:09 Set very clear boundaries

16:25 Fear of ego: A selfish undertone beneath the fear

25:18 Meditation and mindfulness: Start with one minute and build from there

32:41 "Try" is an out to accountability and the problem with got to/need to/have to

42:25 Being transparent and vulnerable for a meaningful life

46:15 Connect with Joshua and join his LinkedIn Learning Course


09:01 "I am very intentional with my time, my energy, and my presence. So the time that I spend with, who, where, my presence, am I really present? As a coach, my job is to show up and be present in a way that other people don't find."

12:26 "If you're an entrepreneur, the one thing that you have that's more valuable than getting a seed round of money is your time. That's the one thing. It's actually more important than your product or your service or your business."

18:18 "When I hear the fear of ego, to me, it's people that really... don't know what to do. They're paralyzed because they can't own their greatness. Like they just accomplished something amazing, they're afraid to acknowledge it."

39:46 "You have a better chance of putting your energy, your best foot forward, when you say 'I want that promotion.' Great. Versus I got to get that promotion."

44:39 "If you want to have a more meaningful and purposeful life and really have some breakthrough around meditation or business success or hustling, one of the access points is learning how to be more vulnerable."

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