How True Early Childhood Professionals Make Learning Fun (Despite Boring Educational Programs)
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Have you ever encountered an educational program so boring you knew right away it wasn't going to work? One that is so dry and anti-fun the only thing it could do effectively was put children to sleep?

Throughout my career, I've had plenty of less-than-fortunate encounters with these types of programs. Some were so awful they literally drove teachers to quit their jobs! 

Luckily, if proven, research-based teaching methods guide your approach—NOTHING can stand in your way. 

Not even a dreadful educational program.

Today, I will show you how true early childhood professionals find ways to make learning fun regardless of how hopeless their situation may seem. I'll also share some of the best practices for teaching letters of the alphabet and making sure they stick.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Key Takeaways:

- Why are expensive programs not necessarily effective for teaching letters to preschoolers? (00:00)

- Is your classroom a bowl of Brussels sprouts or a delicious Thanksgiving dinner? (00:37)

- My encounter with a boring educational program so ineffective it made a young teacher quit! (3:56)

- How to turn dry educational programs into a fun and memorable experience for your students (06:44)

Additional Resources:

- Visit our website to find tons of pre-K teaching resources here:

- Get my book “Teach Smarter: Literacy Strategies for Early Childhood Teachers” here:

- Learn more about my membership program “Teaching Trailblazers” here:

- Get my FREE guide on how to teach letters of the alphabet to young children here:


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