How to Build Your Dream Career in Tech w/ Anthony Garone
Play • 1 hr 8 min


  • How to ace the tech interview
  • How to network as an introvert
  • How to get past your own excuses and start building the life and career you want
  • The top things employers look for when hiring a web developer



Clueless At the Work Website
If you want to hear more from the genius that is Anthony Garone, check out his website which is the hub for his book, YouTube Channel and Podcast.

Info Armor
Anthony's full time gig. InfoArmor has worked tirelessly to protect people from identity theft for over a decade.

Make Weird Music 
Anthony's passion project, a successful YouTube channel with some pretty incredible musicians.

Big word. Use it wisely.

Give yourself the Gift of Done- a book by Jon Acuff. Game changer for me on motivation.

Podcast: Hustle and Grind with Zuby
Anthony Garone interviews Zuby, an independent rapper, author, speaker, and coach who's gained over 100,000 followers in the past year after years of building confidence and pushing his music on his own, selling 25,000 copies of his CD entirely on his own.

Kapil Gupta Twitter
Coach and guru with a lot of good to say about overcoming your own momentum.

Self-Made Web Designer Website
Where I teach people how to become successful web designers. 

Social Media for Anthony Garone
instagram @makeweirdmusic

You can find the free Starter Kit Course at

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