Apr 23, 2020
Liz Fosslien: Work With Your Emotions
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Why do we lose motivation in our jobs? How can we create a space of belonging and inclusion? What are the best ways to give and receive feedback?

Liz Fosslien answers all of these questions, and more, in this thoughtful and pertinent interview. As she reveals, emotions in the workplace are not only acceptable—they can actually be incredibly useful in decision making, making connections, and doing great creative work.

This interview is truly eye-opening in establishing how we can unite who we are with what we do, creating a positive working environment for ourselves and those that we work with.

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Anna Jelen The Time Expert Podcast
Anna Jelen The Time Expert Podcast
Anna Jelen The Time Expert
I'VE LEARNED A FEW THINGS ABOUT GOAL SETTING... This episode is about reaching goals without chasing them and how important it is to eliminate impatience because it kills not only your creativity but it is a real danger for the goal you want to reach. Welcome, dear ladies and gentlemen.  A little outtake: " You see, I have never been a future-oriented person. I was THE example of living in the here and now. That was my place to be. Sounds nice, huh? Well, wait for it; the second time I remember someone asking me this question; Miss Jelen, where do you see your company in one year was my marketing counsellor when I got started with my own business. Same answer here: I have no idea! With this attitude - you will gently push your business over the edge. There was no way around it; I had to learn, to have visions and goals. That was very difficult for me. As a young woman, my near-death experience and other losses taught me that life could end faster than you think. This realization made me stay in my now and only there - because I knew, that is where life happens." My dear ones out there, Do you want to win free participation in my upcoming Zoom speech on January 18th? If you're already a member, you can win a call with me. Just you and me.  I will be talking about daily routines and rituals to build up a solid inner self and to achieve your goal. This is how you can win: First: leave a review of this episode wherever you are listening to it - so that more people can join our lovely communitySecond: After you've posted your review, leave a comment on my homepage below this episode and tell me about a goal of yours The grand winner will be randomly selected and announced on my podcast episode on Sunday, January 17th.I wish you luck! Take care! Bye, anna The Member's Club CHECK IT OUT Episode notes:- a life in the here and now 00:00 - 04:15- learn to have goals  04:15 - 09:13- impatience 09:13 - 12:51- win free participation for my next zoom speech 12:57 - end Next zoom speech for Members: 18th (EN) and 19th (DE) of January. All about routines and rituals to stay mentally fit and to achieve your goal.
14 min
The Intuitive Customer - Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth
The Intuitive Customer - Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth
Beyond Philosophy LLC
“World Experience Organization” Created Will Help Us All Be Better in 2021
No matter what business you are in, the best way to connect with your customers is through the experience you provide them. However, connecting requires knowing what customers want, and today, that isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago. The Experience Economy dictates that people value experiences over material things these days.  In addition to knowing what customers want, wouldn’t it also be great to know what works in Customer Experience Management? Wouldn’t it be even better to know what doesn’t work before you waste your time and energy (and budget) trying it yourself? These ideas are the concept behind Customer Experience expert James Wallman, founder of the World Experience Organization (WXO). The WXO is a Customer Experience organization that encourages worldwide collaboration and debate on what is—and what isn’t—critical to Customer Experiences.    Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience   Among other things, Wallman says the bid idea behind the WXO is to separate the useful CX concepts from the ones that are merely hot air. He hopes that the WXO will further legitimize the Experience Economic and CX movement, allow all the members to learn from each other, and see new ways to achieve customer engagement. Here are some highlights from our discussion.  * 03:28 Wallman explains the idea behind founding the WXO and why he did it.  * 05:08 Wallman describes the Experience Economy and how the WXO will help move it forward. * 11:55 Wallman talks about how not having an organized and defined effort can delegitimize the CX movement.  * 18:06 Wallman discusses the reasons behind choosing CX pioneers to establish the WXO. * 21:03 Colin explains how the human being is always at the center of the experience, no matter what type of experience it is. * 23:49 Wallman shares his idea that we are all on a “Hero’s Journey” and how those should look in a journey map.  * 30:50 We give the information on how what to do if you are interested in joining the WXO.  Please tell us how we are doing! Complete this short survey.  Customer Experience Information & Resources LinkedIn recognizes Colin Shaw as one of the 'World's Top 150 Business Influencers.' As a result, he has 289,000 followers of his work. Shaw is Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy LLC, which helps organizations unlock growth by discovering customers' hidden, unmet needs that drive value ($). The Financial Times selected Beyond Philosophy LLC as one of the best management consultancies for the last two years. Follow Colin on Linkedin and Twitter.   Click here to learn more about Professor Ryan Hamilton of Emory University.    Why Customers Buy: As an official "Influencer" on LinkedIn, Colin writes a regular newsletter on all things Customer Experience. Click here to join the other 22,000 subscribers.    Experience Health Check: You already have an experience, even if you weren't deliberate about it. Our Experience Health Check can help you understand what you have today. Colin or one of our team can assess your digital or physical Customer Experience, interacting with your organization as a customer to define what is good and what needs improving. Then, they will provide a list of recommendations for critical next steps for your organization. Click here to learn more.  How can we help? Click here to learn more about Beyond Philosophy's Suite of Services.
34 min
Business of Architecture Podcast
Business of Architecture Podcast
Enoch Bartlett Sears
350: Increasing Your Firm's Visibility with Karl Feldman
Hello and welcome back, Architect Nation. I'm Enoch Sears. and this is the show where you'll discover tips, strategies and secrets for building an architecture practice that lets you do your best work, more often. Today our topic is how to increase your firm's visibility. My guest is Karl Feldmen of the professional services marketing firm Hinge. Hinge is known for their well-researched and cutting edge industry reports. In our last episode, you heard Kelly Waffle and Karl interview me for the Visible Expert podcast. Today I interview Karl here on the Business of Architecture podcast. In today's interview, you'll discover what to consider if you want to heighten your firm's visibility including the first step you should take. You'll learn what your clients really want, and how to be the firm that delivers it to them. ► Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates: ******* For more free tools and resources for running a profitable, impactful and fulfilling practice, connect with me on: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Twitter: Podcast: iTunes: Android Podcast Feed: ******* Access the FREE Architecture Firm Profit Map video here: Download the FREE Architecture Firm Marketing Process Flowchart video here: Come to my next live, in-person event: Carpe Diem!
44 min
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Travis Sherry
Superlatives: 2020 in Review
Every year that we break down all our travel stats, best meals, best travel superlatives, best drinks, etc and we hear a ton of feedback from you all. Apparently, these are some of your favorite episodes. We are running our 6 part series (!!!) that covers our superlatives, the stats, best meals, best drinks best desserts, and best experiences in our year in review. In this episode, we go into the Superlatives of our 2020 travel year. Best of, worst of, the best value, and a host of other things. And then definitely reach out to @ExtraPackofPeanuts and let us know what is the most positive yet unexpected thing that happened to you in 2020?In This Episode * 05:00 Most Expensive Accommodations * 07:00 Cheapest Accommodations * 08:15 The Best Value * 12:20 The Worst Value * 14:35 Favorite Accommodations * 19:55 Least Favorite Accommodations * 21:20 Craziest Thing We Did In 2020 * 28:20 Best Thing We Bought * 34:05 Biggest Change in 2020 * 35:55 Most Unexpected Good Thing * 39:10 Most Unexpected Bad Thing * 44:30 Most Underwhelming Thing * 47:55 Neatest Person We Met * 51:50 Biggest Travel MishapImportant Links * Want to follow our lives & adventures? Check out our Instagram's @ExtraPackOfPeanuts, @HeatherSherry, and @TravelingWhitMyles * Side Hustle Success Challenge * Location IndieWant More? * 2021 Travel Wishlist * Superlatives: 2019 Year In Review * 2019 In Review: Best Experiences * 2019 In Review: Best Desserts * 2019 In Review: Best Beers * 2019 In Review: Best Coffee * 2019 In Review: Best Wines * 2019 In Review: Best Meals * 2019 In Review: Superlatives * 2019 In Review: Travel StatsLeave a Review! Apple Podcast reviews are one of THE most important factors for podcasts. If you enjoy the show please take a second to leave the show a review on Apple Podcasts! * Click this link: Leave a review on Apple Podcasts * Hit “View in iTunes” on the left-hand side under the picture. * Leave an honest review. * You’re awesome!
1 hr 2 min
A Sustainable Mind - environment & sustainability podcast
A Sustainable Mind - environment & sustainability podcast
Marjorie Alexander
077: Kind Cup - Bringing Innovation to Menstrual Cups and the Feminine Hygiene Industry with Christine Brown
Kind Cup Kickstarter Campaign:   Visit our site for a full transcript of this episode at      Founder and designer of Kind Cup, Christine Brown, grew up in a small agricultural beach town in Southern California. A sixth-generation Carpinterian, Brown is a part-time avocado farmer, and American Sign Language teacher and advocate. Brown studied Critical Social Thought at Mount Holyoke College, and Deaf Studies: Cultural Studies for graduate school in Washington D.C. at Gallaudet University.     In this episode Marjorie and Christine Brown discuss: * How menstrual cups work and why they can be a much better alternative to tampons and pads. * How Christine came up with the idea for Kind Cup.  * The design elements that make Kind Cup unique. * Marjorie’s personal experiences with menstrual cups over the last 15 years and why she loves the Kind Cup design.  * What to consider when choosing a menstrual cup that works best with your body and lifestyle.   Resources from Christine Brown: * Direct Relief - Kind Cup's non-profit partner ( - Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. * Here is the press release about their work with Kind Cup * Intersectional Environmentalist Group ( - A platform for resources, information, and action steps to support intersectional environmentalism and dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement, led by environmental activists and sustainability advocates. * Put a Cup in It ( - A collection of resources about reusable menstrual products overall and great general info if you are new to the conversation about menstrual cups * The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho   Connect with Christine Brown and Kind Cup: * Website: * Facebook: * Instagram: * Kickstarter Campaign:   Connect with Marjorie Alexander: * Instagram: * Twitter: * Facebook: * Website:     Want to help us spread the word?   Post a screenshot of ASM in your favorite listening app and tag us on your Instagram story!   Subscribe, Rate & Review ASM on Apple Podcasts:
41 min
Women Who Travel
Women Who Travel
Condé Nast Traveler
The Books Helping Us Escape Right Now
There may be no better time than winter to cozy up, ideally by a fire, with a stack of books and a cup of coffee (or something a little stronger). This particular winter, though, the escape and education we find through books will be even more necessary. Whether you're picking up books for yourself or sending hefty hardcovers to family and friends as holiday gifts, we have some suggestions that will distract, entertain, and inform—all by female writers spread across the world. (Translated Japanese authors were surprisingly popular this episode.) Joining us to share their favorite recent reads are Riverhead Books' associate publisher Jynne Dilling-Martin and Kalima DeSuze, activist and founder of the Cafe con Libros bookstore in Brooklyn.  Here's a full list of what we talked about: Oreo, by Fran Ross Lobizona, by Romina Garber The Fifth Season, by N.K. Jemisin The Memory Police, by Yoko Ogawa Convenience Store Woman, by Suyaka Murata Tokyo Ueno Station, by Yu Miri The Custom of the Country, by Edith Wharton The Lying Life of Adults, by Elena Ferrante The Neapolitan Novels, by Elena Ferrante The Japanese Table, by Sofia Hellsten Luster, by Raven Leilani Hurricane Season, by Fernanda Melchor Read a transcription of the episode here: Follow Kalima's Cafe con Libros: @cafeconlibros_bk Follow Jynne: @jynnnne Follow Lale: @lalehannah Follow Meredith: @ohheytheremere All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
38 min
HR Happy Hour
HR Happy Hour
Steve Boese Trish McFarlane
HR Happy Hour 463 - Professional and Personal Development Themes for 2021
HR Happy Hour 463 - Professional and Personal Development Themes for 2021 Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane Guest: Ben Brooks, Founder & CEO, PILOT This episode of Happy Hour is made possible by Workhuman®. The world is watching the leaders of today and tomorrow. Modern employees want a workplace where they’re respected, seen, appreciated, and heard – and they’re demanding it. And thriving organizations like Cisco, Merck, and LinkedIn have realized the immense benefits of putting the human at the center of work. Get your copy of the book, “Making Work Human,” on Amazon and discover how And by Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes.The fourth annual 2020 Paychex Pulse of HR Survey provides an in-depth look at how HR professionals are contributing to the success of the companies they serve. Go to today to download your copy of the 2020 Paychex Pulse of HR Survey report This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, we were joined by Ben Brooks from PILOT to talk about employee coaching and development trends for 2021. Ben shared some ideas on how organizations and managers can become more effective in their coaching and development of employees in 2021. We also talked about the concept of “self-management” - how employees need to take a greater and more intentional role in their own career success and development Additionally, we talked about our one or two big goals for 2021 This was a FUN show, thanks for listening! Learn more at Subscribe to the HR Happy Hour wherever you get your podcasts
38 min
BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books
BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books
Nicholas Hutchison
40. Ken Rusk: Author of Blue-Collar Cash
The World’s #1 Personal Development Book Podcast! In this episode, our co-founder Ryan, had the pleasure to interview author Ken Rusk. Ken spent his younger years digging ditches and working in construction. He never went to college. Instead, he made goals, planned, and worked hard for thirty years. Now, Ken is a very successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and revenue streams. Their conversation today is all about Ken’s book, Blue-Collar Cash. In this book, Ken shows us that blue-collar trades are a source of pride and that you can―and will―find your version of happiness by pursuing a good old-fashioned craft. The economy is in desperate need of skilled tradespeople and those who are willing to work hard will make a lot of money. Please enjoy this amazing conversation with Ken Rusk. Today’s episode is sponsored by Audible. Try Audible for free: The purpose of this podcast is to connect you, the listener, with new books, new mentors, and new resources that will help you achieve more and live better. Each and every episode will feature one of the world's top authors so that you know each and every time you tune-in, there is something valuable to learn. If you have any recommendations for guests, please DM them to us on Instagram. ( If you enjoyed this show, please consider leaving a review. It takes less than 60-seconds of your time, and really makes a difference when I am trying to land new guests. For more BookThinkers content, check out our Instagram or our website. Thank you for your time!
40 min
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