The Food Professor
The Food Professor
Sep 30, 2021
Fairtrade Canada CEO Julie Francoeur, the global food supply chain and Trying Stuff with Gin & Tonic
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Welcome to the The Food Professor podcast episode 33  I’m Michael LeBlanc, and I’m Sylvain Charlebois!  

Back on the mic together, so much going on - and in fact you and I were quoted in the same article yesterday - a first!  All about supply chain…we’ll get to that a bit later…we’re going bananas over our great guest, Julie Francouer from Fairtrade Canada, and of course our very popular segment, Trying Stuff!

Julie talks about the evolution of fair trade, from its roots in the global coffee industry through to putting a variety of products on the shelves of engaged retailers and more and more customers every day.  We talk about the process behind fair trade, how it benefits the communities who adopt it, and how consumers are increasingly both recognizing the impact their purchases have around the world and demanding choice in the product they buy. 

Let’s jump right in…hot of the digital presses, new research from the Dalhousie Agri-Analytics lab!  More than 2 Canadians in 5 have changed their behaviour to save money at the grocery store compared to 2020…I see switching behaviour, substitutions, format changes, Albertans reducing their purchase of meat…what did you learn with your partners at Caddle?

Let’s talk about the global supply chain issues and food…so what?  Isn’t much of what we consumer made in North America, a truck drive away?

The upside of shrinkflation…less waste…will this be a call to action for consumers?

QR codes - the ugly little app that could..everywhere now, but you have privacy concerns?



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Have a safe week everyone!


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