Ep 33. Are You A Pain Reliever Or Pleasure Provider? How You Position Your Brand Messaging Matters!
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Is your business more like chocolate cake, or a Tylenol? You're probably wondering what in the world am I talking about. Your business is either a pain reliever or a pleasure provider. You either stop pain or you add joy, understanding which one you are, if you're the chocolate cake or you're the Tylenol makes all the difference in your messaging, in your branding and how you articulate yourself and how you position yourself and what techniques and tactics are going to help you grow your business. Because now you know which emotional triggers will give you the result that you want.

If you know that your business is stopping pain, you want to push that pain as hard as you can. And then you hit them with the solution on the other end of the stick.

If you're creating joy, you want to make that joy feel so well that they will see it. Your consumers will want to be happy. It's going to take away all the pain and it's going to give them all the joy. They're getting that dopamine hit. You're speaking right to them because they're going to get joy. They're going to get happiness and that is their expectation.

So understanding if you provide the chocolate cake or you provide the Tylenol, is a big thing to understand in the roadmap, to the growth and the success and the longevity of your business.

This is episode 33, #PainOrPleasure


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