Ep 57. The Secrets To Growth And The Game Changing Approach To Conquering Your Sales Pipeline
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Did you know that growing a business is actually difficult? I'm sure you did.

But did you know a big secret in growing, sustaining, and scaling a business comes down to having clarity?

Sometimes we are too quick to take action and don't spend enough time asking the right questions and getting the right answers before making any moves. 

This episode dives into  the five growth secrets to gain more growth and learn communication tactics to improve your conversion rate within your sales pipeline.

Sales always comes down to meaningful relationships.

My new book Strategize Up expounds on the three relationships of B.A.E. you need to identify by the end of every call.

• Buyers
• Advocates
• Elevators

Too many are focused only on those who can buy and eliminate those who can’t or have no need to buy right now. Which is the wrong approach. You’ll know in the first five minutes if they are interested, qualified, and ready to be a potential buyer. If they aren’t a buyer, don’t just end the call. Every conversation is valuable and can lead to more invaluable conversations.

Apply B.A.E. to your rounds of sales calls, outbound messaging, networking, and social media efforts, and see how your whole experience will change.

You’ll go from thinking win-lose situation to embracing a win-win mentality!

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