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Perfection is an illusion.

Pursuing it is both dysfunctional and quite frankly, a waste of time. There is no perfect individual. There is no perfect business plan. There is no perfect strategy. There is no perfect anything. Stop trying to be the perfect business. Stop trying to have the perfect strategy before you launch something.

You cannot anticipate every outcome, every variable, or every obstacle before you move forward. Pursue progress, not perfection. 

In this episode of iDigress, it's all about why you should let go of the perfection mindset and instead embrace the "progress over perfection mindset". Perfection is a waste of time. Did you know you’re more likely to achieve your set goals when you pursue progress and not perfection?  

It is important to understand that you cannot anticipate every outcome or obstacle and the best way to deal with them is to have a realistic and flexible strategy in whatever you do. Listen in to learn how to take action and apply the ‘progress not perfection’ concept in your marketing strategy to see the change you want to see.  


“We will never be perfect, but we can all make progress.”  


What You Will Learn:

• How to improve 1% of what you do every day and in 70 days you’ll be twice as good as you’re today.

• How to figure out a flexible and nimble strategy for your business with wisdom.

• Having the right mindset to perform well in business will in turn help you hit your bottom-line.  

• Learn to make a realistic plan that’s fueled by optimism, passion, and community.

• The power of focusing on the community while being genuine and authentic.

Book Mentioned:

The One Percent Solution by Gordon Lafer



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