65. Set Goals. Achieve Goals. Repeat.
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Growth in anything requires consistency and productivity in your actions.

Stop saying what you can't do and start making the time necessary to do.

Set goals. Achieve goals. Repeat. Set goals. Achieve goals. Repeat.

The people that may judge your value or ability in many cases are only looking through a very narrow lens, and their lens was wrong. Their opinion doesn’t determine your value. You determine your value by your outputs and outcomes.

Everyone wants to be like Michael Jordan. Not everyone has the mentality to continue to work like him, even when some of the very ones he looked up to the most doubted his ability, dismissed his potential, and dismantled his desire to achieve what we all know now he could do and did in fact achieve. But to be like Mike, you have to continue the path no matter what happens.

Set goals. Achieve goals. Repeat. Set goals. Achieve goals. Repeat.

It’s the little wins compounded over time that help you capitalize on the big moments.

So if you want to be the MJ of your field, industry, business, etc, make sure you maintain the tenacity, determination, hunger, poise, patience, fortitude, diligence, and work ethic necessary to do so.

No one can’t write your story but you.

So stop giving outside opinions that don’t line up the power to create the narrative of how far you can go or what you can be.

You are in the process of writing your story.

Do the work. Set your goals. Achieve your goals. And watch how much growth you achieve.


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