How to Start Tiny Habits for Better Health
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If you have trouble adhering to your medication regimen or know you need to eat healthier, but are overwhelmed, tiny habits may be your answer.  Examining your small habits can help patients with chronic illness  live healthier lives. Behavior scientist and best-selling author BJ Fogg gives us step-by-step tips for implementing habits into their daily routine. 

Plus, field correspondent Kate Pecora virtually travels across the pond to speak to U.K. patient Jess Logan, founder of Making the Invisible Visible. She shares her journey with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), long wait times to see a specialist and making her voice heard in the doctor’s office. 


BJ Fogg, Ph.D. 

Founder and Director, Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University

Dr. BJ Fogg is a behavior scientist with deep experience in innovation and teaching. At Stanford University, Dr. Fogg directed a research lab for over 20 years. He also teaches his models and methods in special Stanford courses each year.

On the industry side, Dr. Fogg trains innovators to use his work so they can create solutions that influence behavior for good. The focus areas include health, sustainability, financial wellbeing, learning, productivity, and more. 

In 2002, Dr. Fogg published a book entitled, Persuasive Technology, about how computers can be designed to influence attitudes and behaviors. At the time of publication this book was mostly ignored. Now, almost 20 years later, Dr. Fogg sees his predictions and warnings about persuasive technology were surprisingly accurate.

In 2009 his research interests moved away from persuasive technology toward human behavior in general, especially health habits. This led to creating a new set of models and methods that comprise what he calls “Behavior Design.” In January of 2020, Dr. Fogg shared 300 pages of new and practical uses for Behavior Design in his New York Times Bestselling book Tiny Habits.


BJ Fogg

Tiny Habits

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Give a Crap Challenge

Making the Invisible Visible

Jessica Logan

Patients Rising Concierge 

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