Idea to Startup
Idea to Startup
Jan 20, 2021
Mini Series Kickoff - Picking The Startup Idea We'll Start
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It was bound to happen. We're starting a startup idea on... Idea to Startup. Someone reached out basically daring us to, and we couldn't say no.

Today, we'll run three startup ideas through our Idea Resume framework that evaluates an idea at the earliest stages. Then, we'll pick the one we'll start over the next set of episodes.

Startup Stories - Mixergy
Startup Stories - Mixergy
Andrew Warner
#2051 How do you know if you’re failing?
Joining me is an entrepreneur who’s been in the news quite a bit because he raised a bunch of money. But before all that, the company failed on many ways with many early customers. Today’s guest is willing to talk openly with me about that. Vivek Sharma is the founder of Movable Ink which activates any data into real-time, personalized content in any customer engagement. Over 700 of the world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink to accelerate their marketing performance. Vivek Sharma is the founder of Movable Ink which activates any data into real-time, personalized content in any customer engagement. Over 700 of the world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink to accelerate their marketing performance. Sponsored by SaneBox – We all get so much email and most of it does not need to be read, let alone interrupt your day. SaneBox’s AI makes sure that only important email stays in your Inbox. Cut your team’s email management time in half and have more productive days with SaneBox. Mixergy listeners who sign up for a free trial get a $25 credit towards a SaneBox subscription. HostGator – Ready to take your website to the next level? Whether you’re a first-time blogger or an experienced web pro, HostGator has all the tools you need to create a great-looking website or online store. A wide range of options includes cloud-based web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Founded in 2002, HostGator is the perfect web partner for business owners and individuals seeking hands-on support. Visit to see what HostGator can do for your website. More interviews -> Rate this interview ->
Digital Pratik Show | Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Podcast
Digital Pratik Show | Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Podcast
Digital Pratik
How to think to build & grow Startup in 2021 - Isaac, Founder/CEO at Inkmonk, Co-founder at Trainn | Ep. #537
In episode 537, of your favorite & the best personal branding & digital marketing podcast, called Digital Pratik Show, we would be discussing something about: How to think to build & grow Startup in 2021. Take a screenshot of this episode while you are listening & share this on your Instagram story & tag me @digitalpratik for a free shoutout !!! Loads of love & see you on Instagram & Linkedin too :) Watch my story in 8 minutes:* ** * - Digital Pratik ------------------------ Okay so who is Digital Pratik & why the hell should you listen to him in 2021? Digital Pratik can help your brand stand out & connect with the audience with emotions using Contextual Content Marketing, Digital Automations & Paid Fb/Insta Ads! 31-year-old, smiling dude, a practical practitioner of life & the Indian Romeo of building a successful & powerful personal brand by applying digital marketing strategies which work in the now. I am a Personal Branding Practitioner on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Giphy, etc. I am also a Digital Marketing Consultant, Social Media Influencer, Podcaster, Vlogger, etc! 1.) Website: 2.) Instagram: & Facebook: where I am treated as a popular social media content creator. 3.) Professional talks on Linkedin:  4.) YouTube: 5.) Clubhouse @digitalpratikk 6.) 700+ million views on my Giphy account: 7.) Check out my latest programs on 8.) Twitter: 9.) My Josh Talks: Cheers, Digital Pratik
50 min
Smart Agency Masterclass with Jason Swenk: Podcast for Digital Marketing Agencies
Smart Agency Masterclass with Jason Swenk: Podcast for Digital Marketing Agencies
Jason Swenk
Should Your Marketing Agency Pitch for Free?
Are you tired of losing time and money on RFPs? Do you want to start charging for creative strategy? There's a long-standing debate in the agency world about whether or not we should pitch for free. It all comes down to knowing when and how to position a paid strategy. In this episode, we'll cover: * Pitching new clients vs. organic agency growth. * How your agency can get paid for the pitch. * Should your agency ever work for free? I talked to Aleena Mazhar, Vice President and Managing Director of the Experiential Division of Fuse Create, a marketing and ad agency based in Toronto. Aleena is a self-admitted addict to the fast-paced nature and constant problem-solving of the agency culture. Aleena has experienced both organic growth in her agency as well as growth fueled by pitching the agency's services through the traditional RFP process. She is here to talk about both methods and when it's ok to give your ideas away for free. Pitching New Clients Vs. Organic Agency Growth Aleena says she and her partners at Fuse were fortunate that when they created their agency, they each brought clients with them. This fueled a lot of organic growth, as the agency leaned on these existing clients for input on how to expand their services to meet their needs. This helped build a stronger relationship with their clients. By being responsive to their needs Fuse was willing to grow alongside their clients. It also brought new business through word-of-mouth from those satisfied clients. How Your Agency Can Get Paid for the Pitch Aleena feels you should not be pitching for free. Pitching for free is essentially giving away your creative vision to a company that could ultimately decide they don't want to work with you. Your time and your agency's creativity deserve compensation. How do you get paid for the pitch though, particularly in an industry where free pitches are commonplace? One way involves assisting an existing client in developing a strategy for their RFP on an upcoming launch. By getting your team involved in strategizing with the client on what they are looking for, you ensure your team's work isn't being given away. You also position your agency to win the proposal since you have been involved from the early stages and have helped develop the proposal requirements that you must meet. Additionally, there is comfort for the client in working with a team they have already become familiar with. Should Your Agency Ever Work for Free? While the preference is getting paid for creativity, Aleena says there are projects the agency will pitch for free because they are simply so enthusiastic about the work. They're willing to take the risk just to be involved in it. As a smaller agency, very selective with the clients they work with, Fuse can't afford to do free pitches often. However, if it's the right fit; the right size, the right niche, and the right service needs - it's a no-brainer. "In your heart, you know when it's the right thing to do," she says. With those unicorn opportunities too big to risk putting the client off with a paid pitch, Aleena says it's important to involve all levels of the agency team. This reinforces the feeling of transparency that builds trust between the client and the team and helps the client feel that his or her needs are of the greatest importance to the agency. Would you like a 90% close rate on the deals you want? It took my agency years to develop a solid foot in the door offer that converted at a high rate. And, Ian has spent the last 10 years developing his too. That's why we decided to collaborate and create the FITD framework to share with other agency owners. If you want to learn more check out You can discover the exact framework that Ian and I created so you can be successful. Close deals faster, stop giving away strategy for free and win the deals you want. When you have the right framework, you will find your sales process is scalable. You can even step away from sales and so you can spend your time working on the best.
26 min
The Science of Social Media
The Science of Social Media
How to Build an Audience on Twitter (with Matthew Kobach)
Welcome to episode 200 of The Science of Social Media! Thanks to each and every one of you for tuning in to the show and joining us on this journey. Today we're focusing on how you can build an audience on Twitter.  Twitter has over 321 million monthly active users, and it’s the perfect platform to build an audience — either for your personal brand or on behalf of your company. But how do you actually get people to follow your account, and engage with the content you share? To dig into all-things Twitter growth, we're joined by Matthew Kobach. Since early 2019, Matthew has built an audience of over 85,000 followers on his personal Twitter account and in just a couple of months, he's helped grow Fast's Twitter following to over 20,000.  I hope you enjoy the episode! And if you do, we'd really appreciate a review and five stars on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you listen to the show). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Dave About the Show: Each week in Science of Social Media the Buffer team answer your questions and explore marketing strategies and tactics to help you grow your business through social media and build a brand your customers love. Join our 25,000+ weekly listeners. The Science of Social Media is proudly made by the Buffer team. Feel free to get in touch with us for any thoughts, ideas, or feedback. We'd love for you to check out the detailed show notes at Check us out on Instagram - Check us out on Facebook - Check us out on Twitter -
19 min
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