Curious State
Curious State
May 31, 2022
Could science go extinct? | feat. Alie Ward
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Science is all around us. It's in our smartphones, the contours our of eyelids, the hidden rabbit nest in the backyard. But what if everything we’ve come to know about the world (and that the natural world knows about itself) disappeared? Could science itself go extinct? 

Alie Ward of Ologies stops by to set the scientific record straight, and share why science is more than a path to answers—it's a gift of questions.

A few curiosities you’ll uncover in this episode:

  • What animal species Alie discovered as a child
  • Why we’re not the only species who experiences science
  • Can you make music from spider mating dances?

Did You Know?

If human knowledge is a janky old car, science is the friend who’s happy to push us to the repair shop.


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