Jun 28, 2021
Episode 67: Model Observability, AI Bias, and ML Infrastructure Ecosystem with Aparna Dhinakaran
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Show Notes

  • (01:39) Aparna talked about her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.
  • (02:50) Aparna shared her undergraduate research experience at the Energy and Sustainable Technologies lab.
  • (04:34) Aparna discussed valuable lessons learned from her industry internships at TubeMogul and compared the objective with that of a research environment.
  • (08:26) Aparna then joined Uber as a software engineer on the Marketplace Forecasting team, where she led the development of Uber’s first model lifecycle management system for running ML model computations at scale to power Uber’s dynamic pricing algorithms.
  • (12:40) Aparna talked about how she became interested in model monitoring while Uber’s model store.
  • (17:29) Aparna discussed her decision to join the Ph.D. program in Computer Vision at Cornell University, specifically about bias in model, after spending 3 years at Uber.
  • (23:40) Aparna shared the backstory behind co-founding MonitorML with her brother Eswar and going through the 2019 summer batch of Y-Combinator.
  • (26:47) Aparna discussed the acquisition of MonitorML by Arize AI, where she’s currently the Chief Product Officer.
  • (28:41) Aparna unpacked the key insights in her ongoing ML Observability blog series, which argues that model observability is the foundational platform that empowers teams to continually deliver and improve results from the lab to production.
  • (33:17) Aparna shared her verdict for the ML tooling ecosystem in the upcoming years from her in-depth exploration of ML infrastructure tools covering data preparation, model building, model validation, and model serving.
  • (37:01) Aparna briefly shared the challenges encountered to get the first cohort of customers for Arize.
  • (39:23) Aparna went over valuable lessons to attract the right people who are excited about Arize’s mission.
  • (41:04) Aparna shared her advice for founders who are in the process of finding the right investors for their companies.
  • (42:24) Aparna reasoned how participating in The Amazing Race was similar to running a startup.
  • (44:59) Closing segment.

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  • Rediet Abebe (Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley and Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows)
  • Timnit Gebru (Founder of Black in AI, Ex-Research Scientist at Google)
  • Serge Belongie (Professor of Computer Science at Cornell and Aparna’s past Ph.D. advisor)
  • Solon Barocas (Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Information Science at Cornell)
  • Manish Raghavan (Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science department at Cornell)
  • Kate Crawford (Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and Co-founder/Director of research at NYU’s AI Now Institute)


New Updates

Since the podcast was recorded, a lot has happened at Arize AI!

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