Choosing, Changing, & Maintaining Your Shopify Theme
1 hr 2 min

Out of The Sandbox's Sean Campbell joins us to discuss all things theme related:

  • When & how should you upgrade or change themes
  • What to consider in a new theme
  • Behind the scenes of the Shopify Theme Store
  • the "New Online Store Editor Experience"
  • How to expedite support tickets

Sean is a Shopify Theme project manager with 6+ years of experience helping agencies, partners, and merchants navigate the Shopify ecosystem. With a focus on Out of the Sandbox Themes, Sean possesses in-depth knowledge and experience from the perspective of shoppers, merchants, theme developers, and agencies.

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Business of eCommerce
Business of eCommerce
Charles Palleschi
Proven Strategies to Increase Revenue Using Email Marketing (E149)
Adam PearceCo-founder and CEO of Blend Commerce Sponsors: Drip – Get a free demo of Drip using this coupon code!Spark Shipping – Dropshipping Automation Software Notes: Ask how they want to engage.Benchmark - Open Rate 30-40%Shop Quiz Links: Transcript: Charles (00:00): In this episode of the Business of eCommerce I talked with Adam Pearce about proven strategies to increase revenue using email. This is a business e-commerce episode, 149. Welcome to the business. E-Commerce the show that helps e-commerce retailers start launch and grow their e-commerce business. I'm your host, Charles Palleschi and I'm here today with Adam Pearce. Adam is a co-founder and CEO of blend commerce, a Shopify agency, specializing in growth of six figure brands. Adam is a passionate advocate of email marketing and aims to make blend commerce. The world's most supportive agency, and this interview had him give some very interesting strategies on what's working with email marketing today. He helps talk about how to blend some of these strategies that, you know, it's been around for a while with some new tactics and build something that's kind of best of both worlds, right? Where you're not just emailing the same old five five sequence emails until you get a response. Charles (01:08): He saw my blending SMS messenger, a lot of new, a lot of new technologies with email to get the best results. And I think that's really powerful. One of the things that I haven't gets into is quizzes, and how to use that, to get to know your customer, to collect more data and how to offer them products that really fit their needs. This is a great strategy that I see retailers using now. I think it's super powerful. So let's get on the show and let's see what Adam has to say. So head on how are you doing today? Yeah, really good. Yeah. Awesome. To have you on the show, email marketing, just kind of grow through email. I think I've done SU I do similar episodes like this, like once a quarter and you keep seeing it come back up on like email's dead and this isn't working anymore. And then you do an episode and you dig into it and it's, it's almost like we've been talking about the same thing for years on like emails, definitely dead this, this quarter of this year. And it turns out it might not be happening. So is it dead this quarter? Adam (02:09): Good question. Well, look, the answer for me 100% is no, it's not dead, nothing, you know, for me, if anything, it's just evolving. And I think one, the important things that the email is that especially the past 12 months with obviously what's been happening in the world the way the email's been used with other channels as become a lot more important. So the likes of SMS, the likes of messenger using things like quizzes to pull any email addresses. So, you know, for me, and, and kind of looking around at the people that I work with, the clients I worked with, you know, clients are generating 30, 40, 50% of the revenue from email. So yeah, 100% email is not dead. Charles (02:47): Yeah. I think that's how it's changing as the interesting part. Right. Because we all still get email, it must be working. There's something going on here. And I know from lists, we have like, that's still one of our channels. And I'm curious though, so you say SMS messenger, like how are those things kind of plugging into it now? Yeah. Adam (03:08): So, I mean, with, with email, I think, you know, the great thing is that you've got, you know, you've got people like Play-Doh, for example, who now have email and SMS in one platform and equally you've got other people are SMS, but you can equally, you know, kind of use SMS and email very easily together. And I think what's definitely changed with those is that rather than kind of looking at them as distinct different channels now people l...
40 min
Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan
Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan
Nathan Chan
334: What This Tech Pioneer Is Betting On Next | Matt Mullenweg Of Wordpress
As someone who has pioneered the tech industry with his open-source software, and boasts 38% of the internet using his product, Matt Mullenweg is still one of the most humble and inspiring entrepreneurs we’ve ever met. In this insightful interview, Mullenweg discusses the biggest challenges faced by companies today, and the importance of looking after your team and people. As a company that has operated remotely since it’s beginnings, Mullenweg stresses the importance of team-building, and why he took his entire company to Disneyland. Mullenweg touches on some key issues faced by entrepreneurs the worldover - chronic dissatisfaction in progress, and that whatever you do is never enough. He says instead of saying to yourself that it’s not enough, entrepreneurs need to say “it is enough, and there’s more to do!” From the acquisition of powerhouses such as Tumblr, WooCommerce, and his dedication to supporting others, Mullenweg discusses his life’s plan to create as much open-source software as possible and encourage creativity across the globe. This interview will leave a smile on your face and give you the motivation and drive to work towards a better future for all. Key Takeaways * How Mullenweg founded WordPress, and operating as a remote-working business in the early 2000s * Mullenweg’s beliefs on company culture and the importance of in-person team-building activities especially for remote workers * The future of the office and why he believes it will be obsolete post-Covid * Mullenweg reveals that as an angel investor, the key things he looks for in a business or founder * The future of web development and WordPress * The biggest challenges faced by companies today and the importance of looking after your team and people * Chronic dissatisfaction as a founder and why needs to become a more positive drive
42 min
Recession-Proof Startups - Mixergy
Recession-Proof Startups - Mixergy
Andrew Warner
#2015 Edtech Series: Outschool
I’m so glad that today’s guest is here. As soon as COVID hit and schools closed I wasn’t sure what to do with my kid. And so I started reading up on how to teach my kid. When I saw Eric Ries mention Outschool I had to check it out. It was such a great resource I actually sent Eric a thank you note. Amir Nathoo is the founder of Outschool, which allows K-12 students to take small group classes from anywhere. Amir Nathoo is the founder of Outschool, which allows K-12 students to take small group classes from anywhere. Sponsored by Toptal – Toptal is a global network of top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on demand. Toptal serves thousands of clients, including Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups, delivering expertise and world-class solutions at an unparalleled success rate. With elite freelancers in over 100 countries, Toptal connects the world’s top talent with leading companies in days, not weeks. Plus, every new engagement begins with a no-risk trial period, so clients only pay if satisfied with the work. Get started hiring with Toptal today. HostGator – Ready to take your website to the next level? Whether you’re a first-time blogger or an experienced web pro, HostGator has all the tools you need to create a great-looking website or online store. A wide range of options includes cloud-based web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Founded in 2002, HostGator is the perfect web partner for business owners and individuals seeking hands-on support. Visit to see what HostGator can do for your website. More interviews -> Rate this interview ->
The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Advanced Acquisition and Retention Strategies for Fast-Growing Online Brands
The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Advanced Acquisition and Retention Strategies for Fast-Growing Online Brands
Austin Brawner & Andrew Foxwell: Ecommerce Marketing Experts
279: SaaS Revolution: An Inside Look at Starting A Software Company
Thinking about starting a software company? This week’s guest is giving you a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what to expect. Michael Facchin is the ultimate bootstrapper. His digital marketing career started in freelance, then he built an agency, Search Scientists, but soon came to a daunting realization: His business wasn’t future proof. With the rise of AI and Facebook Ads becoming more intuitive, he knew manually pulling the levers for his clients’ ad spend wasn’t going to last forever. Thus, Ad Badger - a software tool designed to optimize Amazon PPC - was born. It’s been over two years since Michael was last on the show and I’m so excited to have him back. Not only is Michael one of my closest friends, but he’s an expert at PPC and in today’s episode he’s sharing the ins and outs of starting a software company, the pros & cons of bootstrapping vs joining an accelerator, having VC funding, and a few key insights he’s learned on his entrepreneurial journey. If you’ve ever considered starting a software company, this episode is for you. Enjoy! Episode Highlights * 5:38 Mike’s journey from biology teacher to ads agency owner * 8:03 Growing a business as a result of the rise of AI * 12:11 Why Amazon has the best ad platform for direct response marketing * 15:12 A bootstrappers mentality vs the accelerator mentality * 18:45 How to determine if an accelerator is a good idea for you * 21:05 The metrics Michael focuses on most to move his business forward * 23:23 Mike’s unique perspective on retirement * 26:19 How Michael is evolving his workhorse mentality and detangling himself from entrepreneurship * 31:27 The motivation behind diving into entrepreneurship * 34:55 The hardest part about starting a software company * 41:01 How Michael and his team use the scrum methodology and why they are moving away from Slack * 46:27 What Michael wishes he could tell his younger self * 48:28 The number 1 thing every entrepreneur should have on their entrepreneurial journey * 50:54 Michael's favorite book on entrepreneurship that changed his leadership style for the better * 53:14 Is Ad Badger right for you? Links and Resources: * Michael Facchin on LinkedIn * Ad Badger * Search Scientists * PPC Den Podcast * Ad Badger on YouTube * Reboot by Jerry Colonna * TechCrunch * Crunchbase * Podcast 115: How Retargeting Will Improve Your Business’ Results * @a_brawn on Twitter * Brand Growth Experts * Review or subscribe on iTunes
58 min
The Hustle And Flowchart Podcast
The Hustle And Flowchart Podcast
Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier
Therapy Session - The Tools We Use For Affiliate Marketing
One of the things we get asked a lot is what are the tools we use for various things in our business. So since we are affiliate marketers, today’s show is all about all the affiliate marketing tools that we use in our business when it comes to software, but more importantly how we use them and how they connect with each other. You’ll hear all about the best tools we recommend for email automation, webinars, creating videos, membership, link shorteners, and a whole host of other stuff that we either use now or have used in the past. We also include some cool ways you can put these tools to use as well as how some of our previous guests have insights on these tools as well. After you have listened, be sure to check out some of the episodes we mentioned including our show with Brian Dean where we chat all about SEO and our show with Rob & Kennedy and their tactics with email marketing. “If you can create this perfect journey for your customer, there are tools and if you string up the process, you can make it the most enjoyable journey for someone and they will have so much trust with you, and that’s why they will buy more stuff.” - Joe Fier “I almost see tech as a creative pursuit in the sense that I love trying to tie technical tools together in ways that people haven’t tied them. To me, there’s a creative art form about the tech that we do.” - Matt Wolfe Some Topics We Discussed Include: * Why learning and using technology is actually a creative art form * How we are working more strategically so we end up working less time * Why using a deadline funnel is the hot sauce to your marketing (put it on everything!) * How to optimize articles you already have on your site to boost them up to page one * Why we haven’t used Photoshop in over a year, and the easy tool we use instead * Tools we have used to double in our opt-in rate * How and why you want to create the ultimate customer journey so they will buy from you over and over again * And much, much more! References and Links Mentioned: * Active Campaign * AWeber * Drip * Convert Kit * Infusion Soft * Convert Box * Optin Monster * Thrive Architect * Groove Pages * ClickFunnels * Members Pro * Snappa * Deposit Photos * Ahrefs * Topic * Deadline Funnel * Pretty Links * Loom * Thrivecart * Unicorn Equity * Designrr * Episodes with George Bryant and Rob & Kennedy for email tactics * How Convert Box Doubled Our Opt-In Rate * 12 Ways To Use Convertbox To Get More Opt-ins And Sales From Your Website * Episdoes with Stephan Spencer, Brian Dean, Nate Broughton, David Sinik, and Matthew Woodward for SEO tactics * Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Strategy * Charley Valher of Valher Media who’s helping us grow our podcast * Joe Kerns and Mike Alvarez from Majik Marketing, who are assisting us on the email automation side. * Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here! * Did you know we have an awesome YouTube Channel? * Join the Facebook Community - be sure to hop in our Facebook group to chat with us, our other amazing guests that we’ve had on the show, and fellow entrepreneurs! * This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool,, and by Easy Webinar - be sure to check out these special deals for our listeners. * Email Marketing Tactics From A Mind Reader And A Hypnotist - Rob & Kennedy * Google And YouTube SEO Strategies For 2019 - Brian Dean
1 hr 17 min
The Ecomcrew Ecommerce Podcast
The Ecomcrew Ecommerce Podcast
Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant | eCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon FBA Experts
E347: Under the Hood Catch-Up with Cory Stout of Woodies
Cory Stout is perhaps the most frequent guest of the EcomCrew podcast. He did a Roadshow with us as well as a two-part Under the Hood segment. In this episode, I talk to him again to see how his business is doing and how my advice to him almost three years ago worked out. We also talk about the future of ecommerce, his plans for the next year, and other random stuff about being an entrepreneur in this day and age. Timestamps: * How being consistent helped in growing my sites - 3:42 * How Cory implemented my email marketing advice in his business - 7:35 * Living in a world of infinite leverage - 9:40 * Assessing Cory’s plan to make an eCEO - 12:20 * What decisions are worth making and which ones should be delegated - 16:48 * The effects of raising your products’ prices - 24:44 * Living in the present vs. living online - 29:20 * The philosophy that best defines me - 32:36 * The future of ecommerce - 36:15 * Will Amazon still be the ecommerce leader in 3 to 5 years? - 40:22 * Cory’s plans for 2021 - 45:58 If you want to know more about Cory’s business, you can check out his awesome sunglasses over at If you want to be a guest at the podcast, you can sign up now to get an hour of free coaching. This is also an opportunity for you to create more awareness about your brand while we get awesome content for the podcast. It’s a win-win! And if you’re getting value out of the business advice we give to guests on the show, you’ll love our upcoming webinar. Get the chance to ask us anything on December 1 during our Q&A webinar. This is a feature that we give exclusively to EcomCrew Premium members, but we’re letting you experience it for free. All you have to do is sign up and show up on December 1 at 10 AM (PST). I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you did, please leave us a review over on iTunes. Happy selling!
50 min
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