Living Without Alcohol with Amanda Kuda
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In this episode:

2.22 Amanda introduces herself and how she became a coach

4.50 What is "grey area drinking" and how is it different to alcoholism

6.50 How did Amanda transition from "grey area drinking" to quit drinking all together?

11.18 What did Amanda and her clients find to be the most challenging part of giving up drinking alcohol?

12.50 What are the best benefits Amanda and her clients have noticed since quitting drinking alcohol

15.30 The chemical effects of alcohol on the body and on mental health

16.25 Does alcohol actually make more confident or funnier?

18.30 Alcohol consumption during the Covid-19 pandemic and how you can manage stress without alcohol

23.30 Where do you start if you're thinking of stopping drinking alcohol?

25.30 How long does it take to stop drinking alcohol?

30.00 Amanda's community-driven approach to help people quit drinking alcohol

31.30 What would Amanda tell her 15 year old self?


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