A Practice of Care
49 min

EJ Koh on distance, broken English, and writing poems that forgive.

Comedy of the Week
Comedy of the Week
Earwig is a new naturalistic sketch show by BAFTA-winning comedy writer Brian Dooley (The Smoking Room). While not immediately topical, our characters will of course discuss the main talking points of the day. As people do. They say the age of the expert is over, but this is what you get when amateurs wade in on the big issues. Every episode we hop around different conversations the length and breadth of Britain. Covering every age, sex, race and class. A snapshot of the country today. An everyday family in Cardiff, a young couple dining out in Canterbury, an office of app-developers in Newcastle, a couple of bricklayers in Sheffield - as varied as possible. 
Much of the comedy is observational, but noting everyday eccentricities - and how enjoyably surreal those can be. Each episode takes a different theme, but loosely so, and not grandly tackling the big questions, though they do of course arise. The theme will be obvious after the first couple of sketches. The theme of the pilot episode is Britain is going through a November heatwave. 
At the heart of Earwig is the comedy of overheard conversations, played deadpan and real; a look at what's happening when nothing's happening. To aid this, we recorded on location with an excellent diverse comedy cast (Debbie Chazen (Sherlock, The Smoking Room), Nimisha Odedra (Newsjack), Nathan Bryon (Benidorm), Jason Forbes (Daphne) and Duncan Wisbey (Dead Ringers) that brought genuine regionality to the series. Earwig is written by Brian Dooley The cast are Debbie Chazen, Nimisha Odedra, Nathan Bryon, Jason Forbes and Duncan Wisbey. Production co-ordinator Mabel Wright Produced by Simon Nicholls A BBC Studios Production
30 min
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